Is Ambassador Wordsworth Interfering In Serbian Internal Political Affairs?

These days, it’s become quite common to see many Ambassadors to Serbia pretty much involved in Serbian political affairs. There have been plenty of protests against such ‘interfering’, coming from politicians and bloggers but it hasn’t done much to stop them from spreading. British Ambassador to Serbia Stephen Wordsworth had an interesting post declaring that “People sometimes ask if that’s appropriate – isn’t it ‘interfering in internal political affairs’, for an Ambassador to show ‘support’ for one political party?” There is a lot to respond to here, and we’ll let folks in the comments respond to the questions over “‘interfering in internal political affairs” since Ambassador Wordsworth is notorious for being a prominent adviser to Serbian politicians. However, I’m not sure why it matters that Ambassador Wordsworth only go to meetings of political parties (leaders) if he is invited. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s being overly aggressive and abusing the purpose of Ambassador’s role. He tries to paint its activities as being perfectly normal, but that’s simply not true. We see a lot of diplomatic activity around here, and Ambassador Wordsworth is definitely a lot more combative on Serbian internal political affairs than most Ambassadors.

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