A Web Journalism School In Belgrade Is Not A Bad Idea

For years, we’ve had serious problems with the way Serbian journalists and bloggers bring better understanding of Serbia to the world. We see, time and time, again one-sided and simple-minded articles in the western online press, and only few online Serbian “journalists” bringing online the facts, and interpretation of the vast majority of these stories. It appears that Ljubisa Bojic, a prominent journalist from Serbia, may have come up with a creative solution to all of those things, founding a web journalism school in Belgrade. As the link above explains, the goal of the school is to help novice and experienced journalists to use new technologies, blog, social networking, and online marketing, so they could embrace web journalism, creating future trends in Serbian journalism.

The good news is that the school is useful for novice and experienced Serbian journalists considering that digital journalism is actually doing quite well, while Serbian newspapers may be in trouble. The bad news is that all the students blogs are in Serbian language. Ljubisa Bojic isn’t convinced writing blog in English is that important. This is exactly the sort of thing a smart web journalist school would encourage. His challenge is figuring out the language skills students will need while grounding them in technicals and news values. Of course, studying digital journalism take some time, so maybe students would bring better understanding of Serbia to the world next year. Hopefully, some bloggers (just to name a few), over at Belgraded, De-construct.net, Grayfalcon, Serbblog, Angloserb are already bringing online (and in English, please) interpretation and analysis of news that get plenty of facts wrong about Serbia.

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Karl Odbur
I'm from France, but my heart is 100% Serbian and I love my country, Serbia, and I'm proud of that.
Karl Odbur

About Karl Odbur

I'm from France, but my heart is 100% Serbian and I love my country, Serbia, and I'm proud of that.

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