Leaving It All Behind: To Travel Abroad For A Year

An American family of four is traveling across Europe for a year. The family’s first stop after leaving the United States is Serbia. “Belgrade is a lively city, we are in Sokobanja now, and we are LOVING Serbia.”

Earlier this year, Bob and Brenna Redpath of Los Angeles decided to leave it all behind. “It’s not about taking a vacation, it’s about exploration and about what we want to do with our lives, it’s about growth.” They sold their two cars (the van two hours before they left for the airport), and their household goods in a charity garage sale, on Craig’s List and on eBay, and vacated their rented Glendale home. Strapping their remaining possessions to two children, Owen, 10, and Eleanor, 7, the Redpath family set off to travel across Europe for a year.

The family’s first stop after leaving Los Angeles is Belgrade, Serbia. The Redpath family will spend three weeks with their friend Darinka, a kindergarten teacher, who splits her time between Serbia and California. Everyone arrived in Serbia safe and sound. Bob and Brenna Redpath put up the day one post over at FromHereToUncertainty.com , giving their immediate first impressions of Belgrade. “Belgrade with our friends is such a good way to start our trip. The city is alive and busy and has a real cosmopolitan, yet gritty, feel.” They went on to say that “Belgrade is a singular city: lively, confident, worldly, and also sentimental, gritty, even melancholy. We can’t wait to see more.” We can wait to read more. And the Redpath family’s story is nothing short of inspiration for the rest of us just waiting for that kick of courage to get up and go… go to Belgrade, go to Serbia.

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