Exit festival 2009 – Bars

I have a hard time finding someone who was at Novi Sad Exit festival 2009 and was not absolutely thrilled to be there. A Brit, Greg, is complaining about Exit main stage bars. “The wine came out of giant plastic bottles, the beer came out with a half pint of head, and not particularly cold, and the energy drinks were served up in a warm plastic cup.” Oh yes, forget to mention that Greg is visiting and rating every pub, club and bar in the UK.. and apparently also in Serbia. Main stage bars at Exit festival got only 6/10. “Overall a good stop shop for alcoholic needs at this festival and others would do well to follow suit but then it could do with a better selection for sure – 6/10″. The good side of this story is that Greg found “the layout of no particular queue at any time of the day or night.” Not surprising at all. It is well known that fans at Exit festival are huge water drinker!

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