Are Serbian Women The Most Beautiful On Earth?

Back in 2007, Rosemary Bailey Brown, an American woman married to a Serb, put up an interesting blog post noting that Serbian women are, on average, more beautiful than Americans… or Germans or Austrians or Hungarians for that matter.” Yup, it seems to be true.

An Indian man from Chennai working in software industry spent one week in Serbia. “Serbia is great, the people are good, food is not bad, night life is excellent, the women are the most beautiful on earth.” He also put up a blog post discussing size zero, noting that unlike in India, size zero is more of a norm here. He went on to say that Serbian women are much prettier than the women in Belgium/France:

“I have no idea whether it is genetic or because they take care of their diet and workout a lot. And it is not just the young girls who have an awesome figure. Even middle-aged women and elderly women are in great shape. In fact I have seen women who must be easily in their early sixties, who still retain the figure of a young girl.”

What is funny is that it was the same guy who claimed some years ago that Indian women were the most beautiful on earth. “Our women are known to be beautiful. In fact, I might not be wrong in saying that they are the most beautiful on earth.”

My take: Before claiming that Indian, French, American, or Italian women are the most beautiful on earth, visit Serbia.

Karl Odburic

Karl Odburic

I'm from France, but my heart is 100% Serbian and I love my country, Serbia, and I'm proud of that.
Karl Odburic

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Karl Odburic

About Karl Odburic

I'm from France, but my heart is 100% Serbian and I love my country, Serbia, and I'm proud of that.


  1. I've always wondered how anyone can judge an entire *country* based on what they see for a few days, weeks or months. I mean, it's such a small sample size, and it's completely random. There's no real way to know, is there?

    I know, I'm spoiling the fun. But this is always been one of those things that makes me stop and just shake my head.

  2. I don't know about rest of Serbia, but I know one Serbian Woman, The Most Beautiful On Earth :)

  3. @Boris. Thanks. It's fine now.

  4. well i agree they are veryyyyy and veryy beautiful!! but I THINK AS IN EVERY NATION RUNS the blood of another nation we cant say exactly and thanks God WHAT NATION is the MOST SEXY AND PRETTY IN THE WORLD!


  6. I've indeed encountered some incredibly beautiful Serbian women. I guess it comes down to personal taste, though. With American women you have literally every shape, size and color. America is certainly more diverse than any other country on earth. However, one might also point out that America tends to have a higher degree of obesity. Though it's important to note that not everybody, nor indeed the majority or even significant minority of younger (under 30) people are overweight.

    Slavic women have a slightly higher frequency of qualities that I find particularly attractive than what I might find in other ethnic groups. I'll say that much.

  7. Hi,

    I am the “Indian man from Chennai” referred in your post. :-)
    Have to say that the internet did make the world much smaller.

    And I have to say that you have done quite a thorough home-work/research of my blog to have come across the post in my archive from 4 years ago, where I mentioned women from Kerala (a state in India) to be the most beautiful on earth.

    OK, so just to make things clear, it is not like I changed my mind after seeing Serbian women. If you noted the crux of my post on Serbian women, it was about abundance of beauty ie. the ratio of beautiful women to total women in Serbia was high. This is what puzzled me enough to write that post.

    In India (all the states) and other countries also, there are amazingly beautiful women. But what IMHO differentiated Serbia from these countries is that the %age of beautiful women in the population is more in Serbia.

    So, yeah, there are beautiful women in India, Japan, US, Belgium etc, but the ratio of beautiful women to total female population is more in Serbia.

    Hope this clears things. :-)

  8. 'Indian guy from Chennai', thanks for the awesome comment.

  9. They are by far not the most beautiful….they think they are so they hype it….1 out of 100 will be pretty…1 out of 500 suppermodels….most of them fat and ugly with big noses. try looking at Brazil or other european countries

    • WHOOOWWWWW "keith" are you FUCKING crazy ???!!!! They dont have big noses !!!!! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT……first of all they arent pig nosed or anything like that BUT THEY ARE DEFENANTLY not big nosed…..DO YOU LIVE THERE??? yeah i didnt think so….THEY ARE HOT….do your research you dumbass before sayin' shit…..and they arent fat either Serbian woman ARE NEVER FAT……ANYTHING BUT fat they can be bitchy….jeez man dOO UR RESEARCH…and if you think they are ugly and fat and BIG NOSED then YOU MY FRIEND ARE MESSED UP… gf is serbian i moved here 3 years ago and ive visited many places…NO WOMAN LOOOKED "UGLY" so shud up…..nothing wrong with brazilians but SERBIAN CHICKS ARE LIKE fhjdhfishihifhs HOT, BEAUTIFUL…sooooo have your opinion but keep this in mind :THEY ARE NOTTT UGLYYY…..

    • Dear Keith, have you ever had the opportunity to spend some time near serbian woman?

    • Stop being so jelly 😉

  10. Serbian women are just raised to be proud and dignified, that's not the same as being arrogant.

    And this is about what others think about Serbian women, not what Serbian women think of themselves.

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  12. Serbian women? the beautiful. The best of all.

    It is something linked to genetics, to race, to the proud to be serb.

    Italian woman? not so bad, but the serbian ones come first, then the other slav women. Then the dutches, french, scandinavians……the last? germans , of course.


    A northern italian

  13. Serbian women are the most beautiful in the world, and all who say that this is not true,it's because they have never seen the Serb woman… :)))

  14. I just know that serbs are porpular her in austria there are many of them and the most beautiful here are sebs, i do not know why but they have amazing bodys…. !!! its realy difficult to find an ugly one :)

  15. I am Serbian girl ! Of course that we are beautiful just look at me xD

  16. No other than George Bernard Shaw observed in the 1920s, that Serbian women are the most beautiful in the world. So its official.

  17. This whole time I thought I was the only one that realized this hidden gem Serbia has to offer. I was born there and lived a quarter of my life there and after living in California I miss the food,the warmth and generosity of the people and most of all the proud,beautiful and amazing women. Srpkinje stvarno su #1 Hvala Bog za Srbiju.

  18. I agree……..i am "Indian Guy from Mumbai,MH" …..Serbian women are the most beautiful…….one example is STANA KATIC…………i want to marry her

  19. Damn! We are the best!

  20. My mom is a professor in a faculty of law. Everyday she sees hundreds of Serbian girls from around the Serbia and she is saying:''I've been to France, to Switzerland, to Croatia, to Albania and many other countries but here, in Serbia are the most beautiful girls. My students are so pretty!'' My mom is not a patriot :) I guess we are but I'm not sure :/

  21. Of course we are beautiful and intelligent as well. My whole family is an example: my grandmother, mother and me! 😀

  22. I’m Serbian…these comments just made my day! :’)
    <3 wow

  23. Diana Drakulich

    It is an amazing thing – if you read up on the genetic heritage of Serbian women. Serbs are descended from the Sauromatians/Sarmatians through the Serboi tribe that emigrated to Serbia, no one is sure exactly when. During the era of Constantine the Great Sarmatians were coming across the Danube in large numbers until there was a huge emigration in 500-6O0AD. Other historians say the Sauromatians were always there in former Yugoslavia.

    At any rate the Sauromatians (Greek – Sauro Matae – Lizard or Dragon People) are unique. Herodotus in 500BC wrote that the Sauromatians believed they were descended from Scythian men and Amazons. After the Battle of Thermodon in which the Amazons were totally defeated, the Greeks loaded 3 ships with Amazon prisoners bound for Greece. During the voyage through the Black Sea the Amazons overcame their captors and slew them all. But the Amazons did not know how to sail so the boats just drifted until they came ashore in the Crimea, then Royal Scythia.

    There the women stole some horses and immediately began raiding. The Scythians thought they were boys because they had no beards. During a battle some of the Amazons were killed and the Scythians found they were actually women! But the Scythians had never seen such women as these.

    The Royal Scythians were the rulers of all the Scythian tribes, renowned for their wisdom. In this case they did not fail. They wanted to have children with these women, not as slaves, but as WIVES with all rights because they saw in the Amazons a way to improve the genetic inheritance of their tribe. So the Royal Scythians sent out a group of young unmarried men to watch the Amazons and slowly make contact with them by winning their confidence. And they did. However when the Scythian men wanted to take the women back home as their wives – the Amazons refused saying – `We know nothing of the ways of Scythian women, we ride and hunt and engage in war – let us go away from here and start our own tribe’. The men agreed and so they did, moving up to what was then Lake Maeotis (Sea of Azov). Herodotus wrote that Sauromatian women were not allowed to marry until they had killed an enemy in war.

    This was the genetic foundation of the Sauromatians – strong wise men with powerful women, equally active in war and peace. Call it romantic if you will but this `legend’ was put down in writing thousands of years ago. There are so many great great stories about the Sauromatian people that it is well worth a read. It is the Sauromatian genetic pool through the Serboi which is IMO responsible for the increased size, athletic ability and intelligence of the Serbian people.

  24. Yes serbian women are beautiful… they have amazing features and one serbian girl I knew had the most amazing eyes ever. She even looked a bit asian with green blue eyes. Just beautiful.

  25. Serbian women are the hottest I have seen anywhere. I used to live in Serbia but now live in Ukraine. I actually prefer the Ukrainian girls because they are almost as pretty, but more feminine, sweet and less arrogant.

    Serbian women also have some bad habits like smoking, not looking after teeth, and man-like behaviour such as growling, shouting etc

  26. When I went to Serbia, I noticed that most girl’s faces were proportional, nice to look at and they had beautiful eyes whether brown, blue or something in between. Eyes that can be seen in other europeans but in minor amounts, however amongst Serbs it is found often I noticed. I can’t even describe their eyes but you can see what I mean once you go there. Can that be the real slavic eye that I hear about so often, or would you call that a Balkan eye because that is where Serbia is?

  27. I agree as well. I think Serbian women are very much beautiful, but so are Romanian and Bulgarian women.

  28. Karl is right, Serbian women do have many bad habits;

    Chain smoking
    Biting fingernails
    Shouting like men
    Bitching and complaining a lot.
    Mental issues which they often attribute to “Zee Bom-bings”

    They are very pretty, but for some reason they want to act like men. If you want more feminine women then go to Ukraine, you will never look back trust me.

  29. I’ve lived in Serbia all my life, and well, let’s be honest, there are girls who are so beautiful that it hurts, and there are those who are plain ugly. However, there is a catch. Generally speaking, beautiful ones remain beautiful even after turn 40, 50, 60 years of age. Serbian women age nicely without botox or any kind of cosmetic surgery. In my opinion, that is their greatest advantage over other women of the world. I am not really sure why is that so, maybe genes or the climate, who knows. And who cares :)

  30. They have raven haired beauties to blonde cuties and with all eye colors possible, even true green and violet!

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