The Beauty Of Serbian Women

I really want to stop writing stories about people making statements about the beauty of Serbian women, but the latest is too good not to share. Last month, we wrote about an Indian guy who spent a week working in Serbia saying that Serbian women are the most beautiful on earth. Back in India, he’s still amazed with the beauty of Serbian women, and goes on to write another blog post about Serbian women. In fact, it’s an email that he has sent to his colleagues a few days after landing at Belgrade. The email is so good that I ended up including the whole thing, because it’s too good not to read — but check out Indiandream’s site directly.

Sub : Something you did not know about Belgrade – more beauty per square metre.
Sent : 12 October 2009 17:16PM
To : The_Office_Gang

It is not even a week since I landed at Belgrade, but it did not take me more than an hour on the streets of Belgrade to realise that there is something very special about this place. On the first day, I am walking to work & 99.9% women seen on the street are hot facially, have great eyes, nice complexion & a figure that would give any movie actress (Bollywood, Hollywood whatever) a complex.

Even middle-aged women have an hour-glass figure. By looking at a woman from behind, you would not be able to tell if she is 20 years old or 50. Initially I thought it must be just a coincidence. But when each and every woman/girl on the street looks like a model and the paved streets resemble a catwalk, the coincidence-theory flies out of the window.

When you add to this the fact that the “national dress” of Serbian-women is sleeve-less, low-neck T-shirt and jean/mini-skirt, it becomes tough to negotiate your way on the streets without banging into some pillar or the other. Actually T-shirt is a misnomer. It is more like a man’s vest (banian), just that it is colorful and is loooooow neck. After a week here, cleavage has lost any charm that it had.

One of the first things (actually the 1st thing) my colleague who reached here a week ahead of me, told me when I reached Belgrade was “Man, the girls here are hot”. Having seen some hot women in Belgium/Holland/France, I dismissed it off as being because it is his first visit to Europe. Only to realise that I was so wrong.

The second thing he said (with quite a tinge of sadness) was “They do not even give you a look.” That was also so true. You pass by all these attractive women and not even one even acknowledges your existence. Being the curious type, I decided to get to the root of this. After all, how is it possible that all the women of a country can be so attractive ?

A google search for “Serbian girls” led me to a few blogs, which confirmed that indeed this was something any visitor to Serbia has experienced. Some attribute it to genetics, some to the women taking great care in maintaining themselves etc. But what everyone finally agrees on is that Serbia is one place on earth where you find more beauty per square metre. I think Serbia should trademark this tagline.

And, it is not just men who have experienced this, there are blogs writtten by women who felt severe inferiority complex on seeing the female beauty in Serbia. The blogs also confirmed that the women here are aware that they are awesome and which is the reason why they do not acknowledge stares from the drooling men. If at all you think you would like to have a chance with these ladies, be prepared to have deep pockets and a high-end car (a Merc S-class or a M-class should do).

Bottomline : If you are able to get to Serbia on work (like me), well and good. If not, beg/borrow/steal to have a vacation here. Only thing to remember is that you should not bring your wife/gf – not a good idea.

Karl Odburic

Karl Odburic

I'm from France, but my heart is 100% Serbian and I love my country, Serbia, and I'm proud of that.
Karl Odburic

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Karl Odburic

About Karl Odburic

I'm from France, but my heart is 100% Serbian and I love my country, Serbia, and I'm proud of that.


  1. Hi. I am a long time reader. I wanted to say that I like your blog and the layout.

    Peter Quinn

  2. well i am from serbia, and i can say that this story is true except the part that you need very deep pocket to reach one of the girls, that's the ugly and not so comunicate man says. with serbian girls you need to have good story, same as everywhere, just you need to be smart and you will find girl for your self, it's so easy. yes mybe they will not look you at the street, because when they go at the city, they walks same as on the runway of fashion tv, off course they will not look at you at all, you need to look at them! but if you go out at the night club somewhere, you will find a loads of smiled, drunk good mood girls … you tell them your good story, and they will follow you everywhere :))


  3. Nemanja, thanks for the useful information about Serbian girls.

  4. I am a young woman from Serbia and I have to say that I do agree strongly with what Nemanja has said about approaching the girls. You need to have some charm, some wit.

    Why would women look at the men who stare at them in the street? We try to look good and thus feel good, why shouldn't we. But I have no business looking at some guys in the street – I get up, get ready, go to work, go shopping, hang out with my friends, whatever… just the usual daily whereabouts. I don't wake up and think: oh gosh, I should really doll up myself today and make zillion men turn heads.

    I also don't understand exactly what reaction would men expect – should I smile as if I were shy, or run into his arms/lap, or act excited that someone looks at me, or what?

    Thank you for thinking Serbian girls look awesome, but please do not expect too much. I guess we don't notice that because majority of women look good and it is something usual and normal.

    If you think a girl looks good and that she is worth spending time with, try to work on yourself being worth her attention, and I am speaking not only about girls here, but in general – every person deserves it.


  5. Thanks Danijela. Great comment that can help readers (and me) understand Serbian girls better.

  6. Hi, I will acknowledge most of the story told above being said that most of them look good or beautiful. Especially compared to this country(Hollandija) where I live in. Most women here are lazy, out of shape, act and look like men. At least Serb women try and take care of themselves, even with the little means some of them have. Their character is much better also, I must say, being more stable and devoted, etc. I have visited Serbia for the last 5 years, spending several weeks or months a year in Serbia, and planning to have residence there(No im not crazy) This year a friend of mine went also to Serbia and was very impressed with the Serbian women. He fell in love a couple of times a day and is planning to go back to Serbia for another vacation. From my point of view, I would not change a Serb woman for any other from another background, why?, because im happily married with one.

    But please come and take our dutch women, because the men here are tired from them…

  7. OK. I have to say something, I am Serbian… and yes some girls and women are really beautiful. But like everywhere some portion of not so pretty examples exist here as well. If I should compare some average beauty of people in Serbia and people in Finland, of course I would say that Serbs are looking better. And if I can notice a slight difference… when I was in Helsinki I saw bunch of many similar faces… I could say that such population exhibits a smaller "beauty diversity" compared to Balkan people, which means that I couldn't find neither prettiest nor the ugliest person like here. But, what does it mean to look awesome? Wearing a short skirt or T-shirt without sleeves, naked belly? You actually mean showing their chests, legs and other staff make them sexy? Well, I cannot say that any American or Swedish dressed like that, and using all makeup is not going to look sexy. And moreover, can you distinguish someone from Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia… and say that Serbian women are more beautiful. Of course not… because most people living in the Balkans share the same type… some sort of Mediterranean type. And personally I think that many Japanese women are more beautiful then any other on the whole world. In the end… beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder… so… someone can find serbs beautiful other one rather offensively ugly, it really depends…

  8. can anyone tell me how to say this in serbian please?

    "Good afternoon beautiful Mistress. I am here to make you happy.


  9. Can you tell me why a Serbian girl of 46 would have an affair with a 72 yr old man? Is it for money or for love? It is hard to believe it is for love since she doesn't want him to meet her family of two parents and two children for the two yrs that they have the affair going on. Could it be for money? Could she be a prostitute?

    Can someone give me their opinion?

  10. I have seen ugly Serbian girls and I haven;t been to Serbia, and some of them are fat. they have great character, Serbian people and they are truly a work of Art. did you know a lot of dynamic people are working to give serbs a normal country after years of shit life, I don’t think the girls are a positive thing , I think it is the personality, haha I will probably get a serbian girl thinking like that, but is there not a certain amount of skill to my thinking?

  11. Inez Deborah Emilia

    How do these girls manage to do any work in such clothing? Is there so much unemployment?

  12. Inez Deborah Emilia

    The fact is I am a woman and am just looking for photos of beautiful Slav women to send to a Slav model site with very ordinary choices, politely expressed, I hope they could improve their vision. Reason why I look at Slav models is because I am ugly really, but not so much compared to the Slavs, my father liked Oriental women, and had a little Oriental descent but I simply am his daughter and of a Swedish mother who looked a bit like a Kiev model in her youth but much less pretty, and can never look really Oriental, and I am smaller but can match the Russians, am different from the Ukrainians, do not match the Czechs they are finer, and do not come near the Serbs they have better figures and interesting hair colour

  13. Inez Deborah Emilia

    It is complicated but it is a pity had I known 4 years ago the Serb girls do not mind old ages, but some temperaments are unendurable for someone without years of practice

  14. Never seen this before and I assume I should have. Basically, this is one of the rare positive stereotypes that annoys me and that I actually consider negative.

    They see girls dance (if moving one's hands and knuckles above one's head is even dancing…?) and they're all tanned, barely dressed, thin and tall. Then they assume every single Serbian man and, why not, foreigner, wants a woman like that and wouldn't settle for someone average, normal, goofy. It all leads to expecting way too much from a female here.

    Being a youngish Serbian female who's not obsessed with her looks, I face problems every single day – to the point where I was caught without a ticket on the bus in 2005 and had to pay a fine, which would've been normal hadn't the plunge-bra-black-crop-top-mini-skirt-olive-skin girl in front of me been forgiven and just told to carry a ticket next time.

    So, yes, there are many beautiful women here, but if we get stereotyped like ex-USSR countries, nobody will want the normal again.

  15. i never seen the most beautiful ladies so much in serbia, belgrad. really fantastic ladies.

  16. Serbian people are the most beautiful,where ever I went on school trips or simply vacation I got hit with more hair than air,guess all woman think alike and like to hit you with their hair to show you they like you. Didn't expirience that much back home but I find it a bit primitive 😀

  17. I am from Vojvodina and moved to California before the war and now I have and urge and impulse to go back. The women are not only amazing beauties but they are strong and proud. They make wonderful mothers and wifes, They have integrity and are not afraid to put you in your place if need be. My only desire in life is to get back and marry a Serbian woman, I love you all! :)

  18. Well, I`m a Serbian , and I do not agree to most of what has been said. Mostly it is true, that you have to be full of cash to get girl`s attention. and for the second part, if you spend couple of years here, you`ll notice that choice of girls isn`t that big. You have Madonna`s copies, Lady Gaga`s copies, copies of famous singers, copies of copies… and most of them have nothing but dust between their ears. Now, feel free to spit on me, but next time you visit ask them what book have they read last. Books written by Anna Karenina? Or Author named Tolstoyevsky?

  19. the area around belegrade is the best place in the whole world for me. If 10 dumb ass americans that think they have history and trdition were sent there for a few months, they would be completley changed. Plus there is less fast food and processed food by the serbia/romania border (danube) so there are barley any gays, obese, mentally challanged, and rude people. And the landscape, oh my god its just beautifull. When i grow up and have a job, i will try to go by the romanian border every summer, to visit my family and old friends. Ps. there are very little cops so you can ride your scooter where ever, drint whatever, and smoke whatever you want. When i go to romania, i go swimmming every day, sometimes two or three times a day. Then i ride my scooter around with my friends. We eat seeds, chill, ride,play. It doesent matter because it is the most chill and abnormal place ever! Its just so right, that it feels weird. I get an adredelin pump when i get there and i just cant stop laughing. Btw if you know the smell of romania/serbia you know how great it is, better than colonge, or flowers, or the american forest, it is the BEST SMELL EVERRRRR. Just go to the romania/ serbia border one time and youll know the feeling.

  20. Hi there, I found your blog by accident and I LOVE it soooo much! I’m Serbian living in USA for the last 2.5 years (married to American).

    It’s hard to generalize, so I can only say my opinion. I personally think that Serbian women truly are beautiful inside and out. They are not perfect for sure, they had that other side of the coin as well, but in general, Serbia is a country where you will find so many beautiful women who have so much to give you in terms of relationship and friendship as well. They have depth and subjects to talk about all day long. I personally love the mix of traditional and modern. Average Serbian woman will remind you so easily on some famous super model, yet she is a great mom and wife in the same time. Sure, there are girls who are looking to be “saved”, looking for a rich guy and focusing only on showing physical attributes, but that’s the case in many other countries as well. In Serbia, frustrated male Serbs call them “sponsor girls” and in USA is so common thing that women are supported fully by their men and many of them don’t work at all and their job is to be “stay at home mom”. Serbia is a country where 95% work a full time job like a horses, maintain their household (without hiring maid or any type of help), raise their kids, love their husband and find the way to look good.

    I feel nothing but respect for my mother and so many other Serbian ladies.
    My husband, now married to Serb also feels nothing but pride that I’m his wife and mother of his child.


  21. I have been in Serbia 2 times and i cant get enough. It’s all true. The women there are beautiful. So are in Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, etc. But let’s focus in Serbia.

    This guy is sad cause girls don’t look at him on the street and all that crap? He probably has his confidence on the ground that’s why he couldn’t get near a girl. I’m from Mexico and I always have a fantastic day in Belgrade. Girls are nice, fun, smart, and yes, what we all know… GORGEOUS.

    And as Pendulator and Danijela say here, just be friendly, use your charm, be spontaneous and you can have any person’s attention. If this guy was sad cause the girls in streets of Beograd didn’t look at him i sure hope he doesn’t go to Moscow cause he is going to commit suicide after the indifference he will get from the girls there hahahaha… Be a man and make a move. The worst thing that can happen is that she will say no. Find your way in….

  22. This is a lovely site! I agree with you about Serbian women and MEN! Fantastically good looking people and so sweet and generous. My mother is 90 and still very beautiful and with the figure and looks of a much younger woman, as when she was younger! I’ve been very lucky to have had two very gorgeous and wonderful parents and I’ve received compliments on my looks since childhood as exotic and beautiful. Another thing about Serbs is very high I.Q.’s! Very talented people who must receive their just due in this world and the injustice and lies done to them during the Balkan Wars have to be rectified. I am so very grateful to have been raised by two very precious Serbian parents in America who were also gentle, compassionate, intelligent and deeply perceptive and wise. They were also visionary and in to alternative health and spirituality and UFO’s. They were fun and funny to be with and so good to everyone! Great cooks! Serbs are fantastic and you are so right! I feel so blessed!

  23. I’m annoyed with the Serbian men and women here who are frustrated to a point where they spit on Serbian women in general just because they are not satisfied with themselves. Do not generalize. Yes, you may find uneducated women, promiscuous women but you can also find good, honest, loyal etc. like everywhere in the world! Just because you can find idiots in a nation doesn’t mean all people are idiots. And just because you hate people around you doesn’t mean they are worth hating! So stop writing that about your women! Shame on you jealous women and frustrated men! This goes to @Serbian: ask yourself what is wrong with you when you only know about that kind of people…

  24. What is it like to date and marry not just Serbian women, but Balkan women in general. I am registered on a dating site that specializes in finding a soul mate in Eastern Europe, 60% that message me are Serbian 30% Croatian, 10% Czech, 10% Bosnian, 5% Macedonian and the other 5% Montenegro. I am an Afro-Caribbean Jamaican descent born in USA, and just love the accent of Slavic Women. Any western guy here have any experience with these women? I am in need of your assistance. I would like to make a good first impression ?

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