Do The Serbs Hate Americans?

Jayne Cravens writes: When I announced to a Girl Scout troop leader here in Canby, Oregon that I was going to Serbia, she said in a cautious manner, “Oh, really? They hate us there. It’s not very safe” I asked her if she meant because of the NATO bombings years ago, or because of the USA stand regarding Kosovo. She looked at me confused and said, “No. They just hate us over there.” I’ve since found out she is of a different political persuasion than myself, one that cultivates a lot of fear and mistrust among Americans regarding Europeans. Sigh. All that such people miss… so sad…

Karl Odburic

Karl Odburic

I'm from France, but my heart is 100% Serbian and I love my country, Serbia, and I'm proud of that.
Karl Odburic

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Karl Odburic

About Karl Odburic

I'm from France, but my heart is 100% Serbian and I love my country, Serbia, and I'm proud of that.


  1. I am a Brit who has been travelling to Serbia since the early 1990s (and during the wars) and I have never found any evidence of hatred of Americans. There is plenty of evidence of Serbs hating American POLICIES and it is true to say that Bill Clinton is hated, but the Serbs are intelligent enough to realise the difference between government policies and people. They also seem to be aware that Americans are usually ignorant of countries outside their own, and I have noticed that the Serbs appreciate America as the "land of plenty" that has helped many of their co-patriots find their feet and make a living. Word seems to have filtered back that most Americans don't agree with their own government and that foreigners are generally accepted when they turn up speaking good English (as travelling Serbs tend to).

  2. American academics often portray the Serbs in a negative light. Americans, US policymakers and the international community have been fed lies and half-truths about Serbs for decades. Serbia has every reason to despise Americans. However, I do not know if Serbs do hate Americans.

  3. Just want to add that I was in Belgrade in December 2009 and not only adored it, but was very, very welcomed by everyone (I never hid that I was American). But, then again, I was in Afghanistan in 2007 for six months and also was treated with amazing kindness while I was there, contrary to what I had been warned about. I think most people are willing to judge you by the content of your character rather than your government's policy.

    • The US media hates Christianity and because Serbia is a Christian nation, the US media will be against Serbia. The US media helped Bill Clinton with his war against Serbia. Just think the USA helped a muslim country against a Christian Country. The USG is nearly always on the wrong side of history.
      The people in Texas, where I live were firmly against harming Serbia, but the USG does not listen to us, at all.

  4. Veljko - Kragujevac

    Trust me,we don't hate Americans! :-) That's a stereotype,like so many more things about us,unfortunately… Serbia during the 1990-s,and Serbia now,are two completely different stories… We are trying to make things better,and it will be(just give us some time),but don't judge about whole nations based on CNN news!

  5. I’ll just say that ANY man who decide to come to Serbia (not only Belgrade, of course) gonna’ feel like he is AT HOME! … No, even better. :)

  6. Hate- is a strong word. I think most people here just disagree with American Politics, and that’s understandable considering all bad things we’ve been trough last 10 years.
    And we are very hospitable to everyone, and I hope Americans are too, because this summer I’m going to visit them.

  7. Generally we don’t hate Americans, surelly we hate USA politics.
    But we are very wellcoming people so if you don’t offend us, you will be treated better than at your home.
    We don’t hate Americans because we know they are pretty much ignorant about anything else than USA, like autistic people sometimes seems to us. So there is a thing that we little despise Americans cause we think about them like uneducated people.
    So you can’t be angry on a child if he does something wrong , that’s generally what we think, we can not expect something more from average American. It is just a true. Come freely, don’t be nasty or critic about us , don’t speak about politics (if you are against American politic you can :))) ) and you will have a great time.

    • You are right, the average US citizen is totally ignorant of the rest of the world. We are Texans and the people I know in Texas felt the same way we did when the USG murdered the people in Waco. To harm a Christian country is a mortal sin. The USG should get on its knees and beg for forgiveness.

  8. I'm American and I'm reading about Serbia almost everyday.. I saw pictures of the Belgrade and I think it's awesome and I really liked it.. Honestly, Maybe some serbs hate us (Americans), but I think that a most Serbian kids and teenagers love America because of singers and movies.. I have a couple of Serbian friends on facebook, and most of them are posting pictures of Britney Spears,Angelina Jolie and others.. I think that maybe adults hate us, but children and teens?- NO WAY! 😀

  9. Yes we hate USA POLITICS not USA people! Im Serbian! In world war 2 we save your pilots from NAZI hand many times in Serbia risking our own life! We lost 1 000 000 civilians from Croatinas nazi soldiers in Croiatin concetracion camps in world war 2 and in 1990 you suported Croatian indipendence! You sad that our soldiers are war criminals because they have been figting at KOSOVO ( SERBIAN COUNTY 1100 years ), and your soldiers defend USA in AFGANISTAN, IRAK, VIETNAM and so on. You have rigts to defend USA in formor country and we do not have in our own county. SHAME on your polics! Form me there is no big defrence betwen USA and NAZI GERMANI your politcs killed almoust same nomber off people! Think about this! Soldiers of Serbia figting and dying in they own coutry and USA soldiers dying in foreighn country! Thets defrence betwen US!

    • Reading about how you feel makes me want to cry. The USG is almost always wrong. We live in Texas and we totally against the harm done to Serbia. Bill clinton and the US media led the USA to fight on the wrong side. For my part I am sorry anything was done against Serbia.

  10. It’s strange you say The United States of America is like Nazi Germany when it was Serbian Concentration/Rape/Ethnic Cleansing camps that existed in the 1990’s, accompanied by targeting of civilians and mass Croation murders at the hands of Serb “Soldiers.” We (Americans) don’t hate Serbs, but as per World War 2 and Serb-Croation conflict have a policy against Concentration/Ethnic Cleansing Camps.

    In reference to the bombing it was NATO not US Bombing, but yes the US was wrong in not deploying ground troops. The Serbian military would have been under control within…a week maybe two days, and that could have stopped Croation deaths.

    • Mark, don´t fool yourself. the US officials in charge knew very well why they didn´t dare to send ground troops against Serbia.
      We Serbs do not hate ordinary Americans of course, but it was your country behind the illegal NATO-aggression against a sovereign european country in 1999. So may go on with your phantasies about defeating Serbia within ” a week or maybe two days”… while the number of dead G.I.´s in Iraq and Afghanistan is still growing by the day.
      and you have the guts to write comments like these… I´m glad that you belong to a minority among the ordinary US-citizens…

  11. We are not taught anything about Serbia in school, and it’s extremely rare to hear about it in any media. So naturally I became curious to learn about them/it several years ago. However, sadly, I’ve never met a Serb who didn’t show extreme disrespect toward me once he found out where I was from, and few even seem willing to tolerate my existence on the Earth. One even went as far as to threaten genocide once “America collapses” and they seem all too willing to go out of their way to throw every insult imaginable, from fringe conspiracy claims, to things as petty and pointless things such as the age of the country as if it was an insult.

    I read a statistic that said 6% of Serbs view America positively, and I was shocked to learn it’s that high, as I’ve never met one who didn’t hate me just for being alive.

    I wish people could get along, but in my experience it only works when people don’t live with a chip on their shoulder.

    • Well,Amy,I assure you that those are just immature kids who don’t know what they are talking about. Well-educated Serbians actually respect US people. I for one, want the whole white house to burn to the ground, and wish that someone with a brain steps on the top of USA. That would make all the hate go away,and USA might become the world’s best country. But, until then, you guys will be hated by idiots, and your goverment will be hated by those who are educated. Please,do not pay attention to fools like that,those are 100% immature 10 year olds.

  12. They Don’t Hate us
    This is a big lie started by the media. I worked in kosovo for three years and Bosnia for 1. I also made numerous trips to Serbia. Two of the years I workedd in kosovo I lived with Serb families. They treated me like their own son or brother. Many times they would prepare a meal for me to eat even when they did not have food for themselves. We were not liked by some in the start but we had just dropped bombs on the wrong side. The Serb people may dislike our political leaders and they have a right to. Because they have had a big part of their country taken and give to the Albanians.
    There were someone here that said Americans are stupid. That is not true my Serbian friend. They just don’t care because they don’t understand the cost of Freedom, and they have never had to fight for there country as You serbs have. But Americans are far from Stupid trust me. To my Serbian friends I say start making the rakia now I will be comming one day soon to eat and drink and dance one the tables with you.!!!!!!!

  13. Your friend is wrong , because there has to be a reason. And you were right, the reasons are both bombing, and your idea about kosovo. But serbs dont hate Americans as people. Serbs hate your policy, your government. Specially Bill Clinton. George bush here and there , but not so much since he is pretty much a funny guy. But it doesnt matter he is hated by the middle east. We dont liek your government because of the bombing, and the bombing itself was internationally illegal move, since it didnt pass in United Nations Security Council, and every move USA takes must pass with no veto from any side. But not only that it was opposed, USA just skipped that security council…
    But trust me, we dont hate your people, yo ucan come as a tourist here and feel free to eat ?evap (kebabs), kajmak, drink rakija and beer and various beverages in Skadarlija street.

  14. Also, i pretty much like US landscape, your history, specially people from south, but not ignorant rednecks.
    Wyatt Earp is the greatest figure from your cowboy era or however u call it according to me :)
    USA was once a country whole Europe used to look at as an example, and even when it was a very young country.
    But its policies have changed.

  15. I am an American with a Serbian neighbor. She is very anti-american. I asked her why she does not like American, but I don’t like the people. She thinks there is no crime in Serbia, but it is awful here in Ameria. I told her there is crime everywhere even in Serbia, but she would not agree with me. I am afraid I told her that if she did not like American she should go home to Serbia, where only the good people are, and there is no crime. She is very anti american, and I am afraid if she keeps it up, I am not going to visit her anymore. I take her shopping and go visit her as she lives a lone, but she is so negative about America and says God is punishing us for our wickedness, but there is none in Serbia. I am afraid I am tired of listening to it.
    I know what she is saying is not true, but she is so negative. It is depressing to be around her.
    I am sure Serbia has crime just like any country. I hope you are tolerant of americans as we send money to your country to help. She is just presenting such a wrong view of people from her country, and of America. I find it distressing to be around her.

  16. Dusan, Serbia.

    Hey we Serbs hate our own government, why don’t we hate yours? :) All right and with no joke, we don’t hate people, citizens of US, EU countries, any race or nationality at all. Honestly Serbs are not racist. We got Albanians and Croats living here nowadays, with no problems at all, putting beside the fact we was in the war a decade before (the Yugoslavian war). We are just angry at the western politicians who gave support to our opposites during that war. But relax, we don’t like our own politicians too, those who put us into that war. Most of them are in the International Court of Justice (Hague Tribunal) right now, and we sent them there. We think that the war was useless, and people was turned against each other for political reasons.

    Americans are welcome here. I know that because they have worked in my town, in the steelworks. I saw them hanging out with the citizens, drinking beers in bars, walking in the streets. Some of them are married here.

    So, you are wellcome.

  17. No, we do not hate the USA, although you three times bombed and killed many people and children. First time USA bombed Serbia in 1944 under the pretext to bomb the Germans. And if we were on the same side and fought against the German, Italian, Hungarian, Croatian, Muslim and Albanian fascists, you are threw hundreds of tons of bombs on the Serbian civilians. You missed all the German targets, but you all Serbian hit. The second time you’ve bombed in 1995 and third in 1999. In most cases, you killed civilians and children in schools and kindergartens. It’s amazing, but we still you do not hate. Maybe we should start to hate you because you support such people in power.

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