Rakija And Jelen Pivo: Sleeping And Networking

Alexander Vidakovic, a Dutch (of Serbian origin) professional Make-up Artist, spent recently seven days in Serbia with his Dutch friend Ger. Despite Alexander’s advice, Alexander’s family kept feeding Ger with rakija and Jelen pivo (Serbian beer) in the mornings and whole days long, so from their Seven days in Serbia, Ger spent two days in bed. Yes, rakija is a strong drink – and Jelen pivo a good beer. That said, it looks like rakija and Jelen pivo are also good “networking drinks”. Here’s a short excerpt, but it’s worth reading/watching the whole thing:

Where were we.. oh in Serbia, right.
It was late in the afternoon when my brother asked: “Where is Ger?”

“In his bed, sleeping I think, why?”
“Again? But he’s been sleeping a whole day, is there something wrong with him?”
“You shouldn’t give him rakija for breakfast anymore. He’s not used to it. We don’t have rakija’s for breakfast in Netherlands either you know… How many did he have this morning?”
“I think 3 or 4 shots when we woke up, not that much I guess.”
“True, it’s not much, but he was also partying with me in pub a whole night long, last night, so he doesn’t need that much.”

Karl Haudbourg

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