Yet another American Likes Belgrade’s Beach, Ada Ciganlija

We recently wrote about Tony Ehrbar’s post where, in the course of traveling around the world in 110 days, he had a great time at Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade’s most popular city beach. Ada Ciganlija offers a wide range of refreshing activities, so, it’s not really surprising to see that yet another American has liked Belgrade’s Beach. This time Justin Klein, a 28-year-old contract programmer and world traveler based in Los Angeles, California, took a short solo trip to Ada Ciganlija, and wrote an excellent post about it. Here’s a short excerpt, but it’s worth reading the whole thing:

My God, I could not have designed a more perfect summertime hangout.

With a massive artificial lake at its center, the Ada recreational area offers virtually anything one might desire for a Sunday under the sun. Its pebbled waterfront is encircled by both a walking promenade and a bike path, both of which are lined by countless bars, cafes, restaurants, food stalls, basketball and tennis and volleyball courts, children’s playgrounds, green grassy areas, BBQ pits, indoor and outdoor sports complexes, inflatable moon bounces, rock climbing walls, and even a tower built specifically for bungee jumping. Of course if watersports are your thing, you can always go for a dip in any of the swimming areas, or rent a paddle boat, or even strap on some water skis – they’ve got a long overhead wire that zips you back and forth along the water. The clubs and bars along the promenade play every type of music, from the latest in EuroHouse to traditional Serbian. Dozens of cyclists and rollerbladers cruise around modeling their suntanned bodies as thousands more pedestrians stroll leisurely by. There’s even nude beach area, if that’s your thing – though it’s no more isolated from the walking promenade than any of the other swimming areas. Now that takes some confidence!

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