Patrick St-Denis – Belgrade Was A Blast All The Way

Patrick St-Denis, Montreal, Canada, best known for running Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist, the place to go for fantasy news, contests, excerpts, and interviews, recently spent a few days in Belgrade (July 7th to 10th). He uploaded on Facebook some beautiful photos of Belgrade, and wrote a short post talking about Belgrade’s nightlife:

Belgrade may not possess the mass appeal of other cities such as Prague, Budapest, Berlin, etc. Yet where nightlife is concerned, Belgrade takes a backseat for no one. Los Angeles, New York City, London, Montreal, Miami, yada yada yada, are all renowned for their nightlife. But in Belgrade, it’s for keeps. People really know how to party, you can take my word for it.

Which explains the high ratio of party pics in this album. Keep in mind that I returned to the hostel past 4:30am three nights in a row. Blame it all on cheap booze, good music, fun times, and beautiful women (Serbian and otherwise!). Man, but Belgrade was a blast! ;-)

Check out Patrick St-Denis’s Serbia photo album.

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