Is There Really A ‘Serb Barbarians’ Problem For The EU?

José Reis Santos, a socialist activist and blogger, recently had the opportunity to travel to Serbia and France. He tried to go to Belgrade again this weekend, but he couldn’t. Apparently, a Portuguese can’t drive a EU rental car into Serbia. José Reis Santos was naturally outraged by this, and put up an excellent blog post. He argues, quite well here, that the fear of the Serbs – ‘these barbarians’ who live outside the peaceful and civilized EU is just unfounded:

I felt for the first time, what is to be a European citizen and have differentiated rights of my other fellow Europeans. I felt bad, of course. With so many examples of barbarity in the inner space of the Union, and with so many other examples of civility in the ‘barbarian world’, why should we, ‘Europeans- citizen’ to be placed on moral pedestals when often we give example of the reverse?

It seems there is fear of what the Serbs – these ‘barbarians’ – may do to our car, but if you want to rent the same car and park in the outskirts of civilized Sarkosy France, there is little fear; and to be honest I would probably feel more safe (myself and ‘my car’) in the streets of Belgrade than in the suburbs of Paris…

He then goes into detail on why the ‘cool’ and ‘advanced’ EU should examine its overall policy and its own attitude towards Serbia. The whole thing is quite fascinating. Here’s just a snippet, but again, the whole post is worth reading:

Now, I understand that hypocrisy in international relations is often used to disguise the strategic interests of major system players. What they do not understand is how this Europe of ours has not yet abounded the prejudice it has for some of our close neighbors; who are as ‘civilized’ as us (or even more). And we spend so much time and energy trying to show everybody how ‘cool’ and ‘advanced’ our Union to everybody (when we are not), while trying to block this or that country to enter our ‘civilized club’ due to his ‘barbarian practices’; that indeed we fail to understand that some of this ‘barbarian’ are in fact quite civilized, starting with the Serbs…

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Karl Odburic
I'm from France, but my heart is 100% Serbian and I love my country, Serbia, and I'm proud of that.
Karl Odburic

About Karl Odburic

I'm from France, but my heart is 100% Serbian and I love my country, Serbia, and I'm proud of that.

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  1. I think the EU shall beg Serbia to join, but Serbia should (better) never accept that call.

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