Serbian Baby Loves Trumpet Music, Too

Back in August, Yahoo Travel has its own trip planner for Guca Trumpet Festival, where it noted that trumpet music became an emotional part of the life of Serbian people:

In Serbia trumpets play when children are born. They are also played for their baptism, when boys leave for the military service, when they come back, when they get married and when they move to their new house. They are played in the popular feasts where people dance and sing, but they also play also in funerals: trumpet music accompanies the deceased also in his last trip. Not surprisingly, the trumpet became an emotional part of the life of Serbian people.

Apparently, trumpet music is also played in Serbia to make it easier for a baby to learn to walk, and dance! This young one definitely feels the power of trumpet music. How cute!


  1. This baby is so freaking cute!!! :)
    btw karl, thank you for everything you're doing. i've been visiting your site, as well as the FB group for sometime now and i am delighted every time! HVALA!

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