What Language Do They Speak In Serbia? Spanish?

Back in October, we wrote about how Zoran Stojanovic, a Serbian exchange student in the United States, was trying to tell the American people where is Serbia located. Now, he’s trying to tell Americans that Serbian people speak Serbian. It seems that this is not a done deal yet. Americans still think people in Serbia speak Spanish. Click on the photo to go to Zoran Stojanovic’s tweet.


  1. I have held many presentations during International Education Week about Serbia. I was proud that I got a chance to present my country to the Americans. They are just amazed how everything is different in Serbia. They can't believe that college is about $1500 per year, and in most cases students get government scholarships. Most of my friends think that the US is perfect place to live in, but there are so many differences. I like the US, because of some things. I also love my country, because of somethings. Young people in Serbia should appreciate educational system they have, and opportunities for affordable and decent education.

  2. Well, the problem gets exacerbated by Google Translate, which seems to work well only with English, German, and sometimes French. I haven't yet have to use Spanish on GT – a language surely not among the smaller ones, but Portuguese, Serbian [or any other of the Shtokvanian dialects], and all other languages not very widely spoken give very bad results, unusable even.

  3. Maybe the young fellow would make his point if he would tell Americans that Serbs speak Mexican. ;-)

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