Serbia, Not Siberia

Back in November, we wrote about how Zoran Stojanovic, a Serbian exchange student in the United States, was trying to tell the American people that Serbian people don’t speak Spanish. But Zoran Stojanovic (zorsto on Twitter) didn’t stop there. He is also trying to show Americans that there is a big difference between Serbia and Siberia. He has held four presentations during IEW week, and more than 60 students from Iowa Mennonite School were able to hear him talk about Serbia.

They think that Serbia is located in Russia, or that at least was part of Russia before. Serbia is in Europe. Those mistakes were okay, because after they have heard my presentations; I am sure that they will never forget where Serbia is.

It’s well worth reading Zoran’s post in full. Thank you Zoran. You’re a real enthusiast doing something instead of just sitting around and bitching about the problem Serbia/Siberia.

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