Yes, Even Americans Are Quite Welcome To Serbia

We’ve already seen a bunch of nearly identical articles, but it’s worth pointing out that there’s yet another article (written by Joshua Clark for that says that Belgrade is beginning to appear on the American radar – and for good reason. Joshua Clark went on to say that Americans are quite welcome to Serbia. Of course he’s right on that point. Serbs are not the “brutish men” as portrayed in U.S. Media. Americans are also welcome to party in Serbia with U.S. flag. And yes, contrary to popular belief, Serbs don’t hate Americans, they only hate their policies.


  1. I just hope Americans don't come here and destroy it… and I'm an American living in Serbia hoping that! Glad to see one more liking Serbia and realizing it isn't a country of war-hungry genocidal maniacs. :)

  2. I agree with Kiki on BOTH points, along what the article said. I had been going there since 2006, and only once did a person hate me because I was an AMerican; most could separate me from my government's policies. BUT I want to add that I hope not only the Americans who do go there NOT ruin it, but I hope too, that they will retain their culture and NOT take the American one (especially in media/song/dress/pop culture) and try to make it their own. America has influenced enough countries already…. grrrrrr….. Please, please keep your unique culture.

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