Belgrade Is Not Los Angeles (Nightlife)

Leon Kaye, the founder and editor of, lives in Los Angeles. He recently spent time in Belgrade, Serbia, and wrote about Belgrade nightlife. Here’s a short excerpt, but it’s worth reading/watching the whole thing:

One regret about my time in Belgrade was that I did not spend enough time in the capital of Serbia.

Saturday night in Belgrade is not for the timid. Clubs, restaurants, and bars only get started at a time when most Americans get ready to go to bed. Tunes blare out from illuminated windows, humming everything from old folk tunes to heart-thumping techno. Skadarska, Belgrade’s answer to North Beach or Greenwich Village, is especially fun: subdued during the day but boisterous at night.

For those who want to see Belgrade nightlife in ‘real’, here is a video:

One thought on “Belgrade Is Not Los Angeles (Nightlife)

  1. milos says:

    I'm glad he likes our nightlife, but he's just plain wrong. Skadarska is the most timid place in the whole city – pseudo-ethnic restaurants with embarrassingly-clothed waiters desperately hawking for the fat tips of fatter American tourists whilst criminally bad musicians throw aside real Serbian folk in favor of cover songs sang in the crudest of Anglo-Srpski accents… it's appalling that he would even recommended this place for Belgrade nightlife. Anywhere along the river – although narodna-dominated – is sto puta bolje.

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