Serbian food – Grown & Produced In Serbia!

SENSE Production, a film & TV production company from Serbia, produced a short film for the National Tourism Organisation of Serbia (TOS). The film entitled “SOULFOOD Serbia” consists of a selection of foods traditional in the cuisine of Serbian people. It’s well worth the 4 minutes it takes to watch this film. Just one thing. Today, in America, the term “soul food” simply means African-American cuisine, so it’s a bit strange to use the term of Soul food Serbia. That said, it’s a great film to discover the fantastic food we eat in Serbia – produced in Serbia, and grown on small Serbian farms:

8 thoughts on “Serbian food – Grown & Produced In Serbia!

  1. wenae99 says:

    Great vid – making one hungry. but as steve jobs said: stay hungry, stay foolish – it's perfeclty starter for becoming creative, too!

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