Only in Serbia: Minus 27°C – Time to go to the beach!

It’s minus 27 degrees Celsius (yes, -27°C -16 Fahrenheit) in Novi Sad, Serbia’s second-largest city after Belgrade, and it feels like summer in February to a group of ‘crazy’ Serbs – time to go to the beach wearing bathing suits! Only in Serbia:

Karl Haudbourg

About Karl Haudbourg

I'm a Frenchman promoting Serbia in the world. I see myself as a Serb. Call me crazy. Call me insane. I am a pragmatic patriot. I love my country, Serbia.


  1. Very sorry to disappoint you, but here in Finland (as well in Russia) we have this hobby through out the winter.
    In Finnish we call this "avantouinti" which means swimming in a whole in the ice… Whole can be bigger or smaller… ;)

  2. Some pics in the internet about this in Finland. :)
    But greetings to Serbia!!!!!

  3. Some pics in the internet about this in Finland. :)

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