Belgrade Is Not Washington… Hopefully

Back in November 2011, I wrote about an American woman, V-Rah, from Washington, D.C., who is living with her husband in Belgrade for two years. She pointed out that Belgrade was not Washington. Talking about food and restaurants, it seems that Belgrade is not Washington at all! V-Rah wrote recently a well written, and funny blog post talking about Serbian food, drinks, and restaurants in Belgrade. Here’s a short excerpt, but it’s worth reading the whole thing:

Authentic Serbian restaurants serve heaps of sausages, steaks, chicken, lamb, veal (which I think is little cruel, but nonetheless), and two really cool, authentic Serbian specialties: the Ćevapčići and the Pljeskavica . I am not exactly sure of their difference in terms of seasoning, but they are both basically made out of ground beef and pork, mixed together in the form of sausage links or a giant hamburger patty, respectively. They are both really, really good and can be served either in a sandwich or a platter, with plain yogurt or tzatziki sauce, pickled cabbage, paprika (which is what they call the red pepper flakes), and tomato, and if you go to the right place, they’ll put the french fries inside the pita. They both cost less than 5 dollars and are conveniently sold everywhere in kiosk type establishments.

Just one thing. V-Rah, stop trying to compare Washington to Belgrade. It’s useless. They are fundamentally different from each other in sooooooooo many ways. That being said, here are my two cents: Serbian food is the best (even Serbian hamburgers). And Serbian restaurants are far more cheaper than in the States. What else?

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Karl Odburic
I'm from France, but my heart is 100% Serbian and I love my country, Serbia, and I'm proud of that.
Karl Odburic

About Karl Odburic

I'm from France, but my heart is 100% Serbian and I love my country, Serbia, and I'm proud of that.


  1. So much more! As a Washington, DC native that has lived here my entire life and visited Serbia there are too many differences to count. Serbia and its people are unique and wonderful in it's own incredible way.

  2. Love these kinds of posts!

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