Belgrade Serenade

I just came across a fabulous video showing Belgrade: “Belgrade Serenade” composed by Irina Bazik for piano and violin, with fantastic photos of Belgrade:


  1. Karl, it’s great pleasure to see a foreigner like yourself enjoying the beauties of Belgrade.
    Awesome video and music! Thanks a bunch for bringing lovely memories about our Belgrade.
    Enjoy it, bitte :))

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  3. When I read you posts, I feel homesick even more. Thank you.

  4. Suzana, despite his surname, Karl isn't German, he's actually French.
    Oh, and he's not a foreigner any more – he's been living in Belgrade with his daughter for quite some time now.;)
    And yeah, thank you Karl!:)

    • Thanks Vukashin for pointing out that I\’m not a foreigner. Of course, I\’m not a foreigner. Serbia is my country, Belgrade my hometown, and I will die here in Serbia. I\’m a Serb, and will fight for Serbia forever…

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