Is Calgon Anti-Serbia?

A Calgon TV commercial shown in Serbia displays a map of Serbia minus Serbian province of Kosovo and also minus Serbian province of Vojvodina. Веш машина живи дуже уз Калгон – Washing machines live longer with calgon!!! Read: Serbia is smaller with Calgon. Forget Calgon!


  1. “Washing machines live longer with Calgon” ??

    Serbia lives even longer with or without Calgon. And that’s WITH Kosovo and WITH Vojvodina. Get used to it, Calgon, and get it right.

  2. All Serbs around the world should boycott Calgon until a full public apology and explanation is provided.
    Hit them where it hurts them the most….in their pockets !

  3. You guys realize that this commercial is synchronized and that some computer geek in a dark room somewhere was given the task of inserting the maps of every country where calgon is sold into the commercial and that it is likely the result of a simple mistake on his part and not some grand conspiracy against Serbia.

    • Anthony. Oh yes! And where this guy found a map of Serbia without Kosovo and Vojvodina? Nowhere. They made it. It’s not a mistake. It’s anti-Serbia propaganda.

    • Anthony, that is another reason why one must do some basic up-to-date research before making a decision that the whole world will see. A simple search online will show that Serbia has then, does now, and will always include Kosovo and Vojvodina. Kosovo, in particular, is not only part of Serbia but the HEART of Serbia.

    • Anthony, as a matter of a fact, I agree with you…but I’m pretty surprised that a geek can be THAT dumb to find a map from 1911 or before that. It’s embarrassing.

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