Yes, Serbian girls and boys are beautiful

An American legal researcher living in Berlin and ranting about vegan recipes and migration politics is currently in Serbia. It looks like she likes Belgrade, and notices beautiful Serbian girls and handsome Serbian boys:

Greetings from sunny Serbia! Here in Belgrade, the weather has turned to Spring literally overnight, and the streets are filled with beautiful girls in bright dresses and handsome boys in crisp white shirts and new haircuts. I must say, the Serbs I have encountered in Belgrade are terribly good looking in a sporty sort of way, totally unlike the lanky hipster paperdolls in Berlin (who are also, actually, pretty bloody attractive in their own way). I guess what I’m saying is, if you are single and looking for a hot tennis player with a country house, try Belgrade, and try Berlin for all of your hot starving artist needs.

Karl Haudbourg

About Karl Haudbourg

I'm a Frenchman promoting Serbia in the world since 2008. I see myself as a Serb. Call me crazy. Call me insane. I am a pragmatic patriot. I love my country, Serbia.

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  1. That’s great! And if they can adopt a vegan diet, they can stay good-looking and young-looking for a long time!

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