Donations, Internet Access, Work Again

My ‘forced vacation” stops today. Yes, my internet access has been restored thanks to the support of some of my readers. I received yesterday three donations via Paypal and three donations via SMS. Olivera V. donated $15, Goran R. $75, and Nenad P. $100. What can I say? You’re amazing. Thanks for supporting my work to change the image of Serbia.

Just one more thing. I was walking down Knez Mihailova street yesterday afternoon with my daughter (Luna), and a man went to talk to me saying (in Serbian) “thanks Karl for all you’re doing for my country. Here is my donation” and he gave me 2000 dinars (18 euros, $23). Amazing!! Serbia is amazing. Serbian people are amazing. So proud to do what I’m doing for Serbia, and so proud of Serbs. I’ll die here in Serbia. My home. My country… I’m back. Anti-Serb propagandists, you’ll not win.

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