400 American Kids Saying Dobro Jutro & Zdravo

Stevan Perovic made recently a presentation about Serbia at Holcomb Elementary School in Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States. He decided to teach four hundred (yes, 400) American kids how to say Good Morning in Serbian (Dobro jutro) and Hi in Serbian (Zdravo). Great! Here’s a short excerpt of Stevan Perovic’s blog post, but it’s well worth reading the whole thing. A great initiative:

This project is fascinating to me! In Serbia, we have a stereotype that Americans are very close-minded, but projects like these prove otherwise. The teachers at Northwest Arkansas schools work hard to educate these kids, so that they would not be ignorant when they grow up. The teachers are really trying to make these kids culturally sensitive, and I think they are doing a great job with that! Serbia may be a small country, but last week, more than 400 kids learned basic things about it. Hopefully, in 10 to 15 years, when they meet an exchange student from Serbia, they will not assume that we said Siberia instead of Serbia and that we speak Russian, which happens a lot to me.

Karl Haudbourg

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I'm a Frenchman promoting Serbia in the world. I see myself as a Serb. Call me crazy. Call me insane. I am a pragmatic patriot. I love my country, Serbia.

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