Serbs Are More Than Generous

I put yesterday on my Facebook profile (and page) that:

HELP if you CAN! (if you can’t I understand).
Found the perfect website design and applications. Cost $69 (55 euros). Don’t have that. If someone can donate and help me get a better (really better) website, it would be great. You don’t donate to me to buy something. You donate to Serbia’s Ambassador to the world to get a better website.

And what! I received three “donations” from Milica T., Dejan S., and Nikola Simic, a 12 years old Serbian boy living in the United States (Florida).

Amazing! More than amazing. Serbs are more than generous. And Serbian kids too. Incredible!

So I bought a new website design today… Thanks to Milica, Dejan, and Nikola.

I love my job. I love Serbia. I love Serbian people. Going to work on Serbia’s Ambassador new website right now…

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