Reuters, Kosovo, Serbia

Reuters, an international news agency headquartered in London, wrote:

Independent Kosovo has been recognized by more than 90 countries, including the United States and 22 of the European Union’s 27 member states. However, Russia and China as well as Serbia itself have refused to recognize it.

“recognized by more than 90 countries” Yes, it’s true. But it’s not by more. It’s by only 90 countries. Yes, only 90 out of 193 United Nations (UN) member states have recognised Kosovo and Metohija as an independent State.

“However, Russia and China as well as Serbia itself have refused to recognize it.” Yes, it’s true. But it’s not only 3 countries (Russia, China, Serbia) that have refused to recognize Kosovo and Metohija as an independent State. 103 (yes 103) UN member states did not recognise the Republic of Kosovo as an independent state. Me too. Kosovo and Metohija is Serbia.

Oh, and yes, Reuters wrote that “More than 50 people were injured in clashes on Thursday when the authorities in Kosovo deported a group of visiting Serbs who accused the police of shooting at them, leaving one with life-threatening gunshot wounds.” Sorry Reuters, this video shows Albanian police as the aggressors.

Karl Haudbourg

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I'm a Frenchman promoting Serbia in the world since 2008. I see myself as a Serb. Call me crazy. Call me insane. I am a pragmatic patriot. I love my country, Serbia.


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    • Yes, Albanians are aggressors; they are aggressors even in France… If you don`t give them a charity they aggress you verbally and scratch your car… Even, in ITALY, they are hated by the Italians… Just like in France “On ne peut pas les sentir”

  2. Hi Karl, What do you mean Kosovo Police ? Kosovo is Serbia, Kosovo is not a state to have it’s police but just Police ! Police is Police taking orders and exécute from a departement of Serbia. So just say POLICE.

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