Started in 2008 by Karl Odbur the Serbia’s Ambassador to the World blog promotes Serbia with the latest videos, photos, and true stories from real people who have found out by personal experience what Serbia and Serbian people are really like.

The blog has so far posted more than 1,200 stories, which are read by approximately 8,000 visitors per day, and is doing much to correct the false and misleading poor image of Serbia, and bringing the truth about Serbia and the Serbian people to the world.

Serbia’s Amabassador to the World is the work of only one individual, Karl odbur, and is in no way sponsored, endorsed or associated with any organization, nor is it supported or approved by the Serbian Government.


  1. This site is a good idea. I think, Serbia is a very interesting country!

  2. People should invest in Serbia but friends of Serbia should also invest in this site — you need a "donate" button. I'm sure this is costing you a lot money and I, for one, would like to make sure you can keep going indefinitely!

  3. I'm fairly new to Belgrade but I'm having a wonderful time. So far I've only met wonderful and hospitable people. I applaude your efforts, Karl. Thanks!

  4. Let us to be the first to welcome you in Belgrade! We are your Bridge to Belgrade!

  5. Hello from Russia =)
    Very nice and interesting site!

  6. Thank you Mr. Ambassador for your efforts, regards from Belgrade.

  7. This is already my third spring in Belgrade – I just love Serbia! I try to build the bridge between Serbia and Estonia, on different areas (business, culture, activities of NGO's).
    I find your site very inspiring. I agree 100% with the objectives

    • Great to hear you're trying to build the bridge between Serbia and Estonia. Keep up the good job! And thank you for your kind words.

  8. All the best to the admin of this site!Maybe little more photos of Serbia, do you think? :)


    Amazing story! Great job Karl..thank you!
    We´ll share you link on the serbian revolution fb page
    It's our donation:)
    Puno pozdrava vama i maloj princezi

  10. Thank you!!!

  11. Great job! It really helps changing the image of Serbia in foreigner's eyes, I think. I hope it will bring good to your daughter and you too. I suppose that many people contacts you before coming to Serbia or Belgrade, so I think it would be a great idea to help them maybe by offering free guided tours around city center, or something like that. That way they could meet the country and people as well. There are many young people in Serbia who speak foreign languages very well, they could help… Wish you all the best

  12. Hello from Brazil….I love Serbia and I visited there.
    I should want to live there….

    Zdravo iz Brazila….Ja volim Srbija kao moja zemlja, bila sam tamo.
    Ja zelim da zivim u neki dan…


  13. Bonjour Karl, je suis vraiment très, très émue et le seul mot que je peux te dire c'est " merci ". Quelle belle image tu donnes de la Serbie. Si j'ai bien compris, nous avons un peu le même combat, faire connaître la Serbie, par sa beauté, sa culture, ses traditions, son peuple…et faire revenir les jeunes dans les campagnes où il y a une réelle chance d'avenir. Oui la Serbie est belle.
    Je vais voir comment je peux faire un don pour t'aider a gérer ce site extraordinnaire.

    Embrasses ta petite princesse et à bientôt.

    Nadezda Nada

  14. I just found your site . . . and discovered that you had already found our blog! Thanks for sharing our blog with your readers, and I am so happy to read that you love Serbia as well. My husband and I really want to change misconceptions that our friends have of this amazing place. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Lana. Your blog is just amazing. And thanks again for wanting to change misconceptions that your friends have of Serbia!

  15. About Karl Haudbourg whatever you input seems to me well worthy info. I have been long time fan of him though his works touches me surprisingly. Thanks! :)

  16. Really good idea!!! One of my best friend named Watson lived there. I've 25 photos of Serbia. Really Serbia is an interesting country. Next week I've a small vacation and I want to visit there. Thanks for allocation.

  17. facebook_caroline.kostich

    On behalf of my husband, from Serbia and me..American, we Thank You for the chance to actually see and hear the Truth. We are grateful for your dedication to our cause.

  18. I am from Serbia, more precisely from Kosovo and Metohija city of Pec. If you want more information about all events let me know, I am originally from Metohija and all my relatives lived in Metohia until the war in 1999. when we had to leave. Every day I hear stories from relatives, parents, friends and others what really happened there, if you know anything let me know! I donated the site works but I have no money, the site is too good! Greetings.

  19. I just have to say – you are amazing, and thank you sooo much for your help and dedication! ???????? ?? ?????! This means the world to us.


  20. You have done a beautiful job of promoting Serbia… I cant wait to fly out there! Just I hope my nose stayes in one peace ;-)

  21. Greetings from Finland

  22. Hi Karl, many thanks for your effort and hopefully you’ll find the motivation to keep up the good work. A belgrade based company with 10 employees is very thankful.

  23. Dear Carl, this site is fantastic idea and your dedication is truly impresive! Keep on with the good work, you make us all proud! All the best for you and your daughter :)

  24. Druze, procitao sam danas sta ti se dogodilo. Zaista mi je zao, a mislim da tako osecaju svi Srbi. Na zalost, u Srbiji je previse agresije i svakoga dana stradaju mirni i normalni ljudi.

  25. Im from Serbia and I have never seen this page before. Sir, u r doing great thing promoting our country, respect. I feel ashamed because of the attack on u in Belgrade. Hope that u and yr family r ok. Those “people” who did this… I don’t have word for them…Hope the police will find them. All the best for u Sir. Hope that this “incident” will not change yr opinion about serbian hospitality and people. Best regards

  26. Hvala Karl i žao mi je zbog one neprijatnosti koja Vam se dogodila…

  27. Dali of Hollywood

    Thank you for all your effort!

  28. Karl,
    Congratulations on another successful year demonstrating to the World that Serbia is a must visit place. All the best to you and your family for 2015.

  29. Thanks.

  30. Spasoje Grkovic

    Serbian-American (since 1979), born and raised in Orahovac, Kosovo i Metohija. Just visited, for first time, your site. I’m very thankful for your effort to bring TRUTH to the world. I have a question, How did you start this site ? What is your reason to advocate and promote truth about our Serbia ? I really like to know what motivates you. Next month, when I get my pension, I will donate (as much as I can) and help you to run forever this site.Big THANKS one more time ….

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