Matt Kindred

My background is security and anti terror but I have been doing a lot of close protection and training over the last few years. I also instruct at the officers academy in Vienna and do some stuff for the German Army. As a British citizen this is quite rare and I am quite proud about being accepted by the Germans and Austrians. I have operated in Iraq, Afghanistan and all over really. But my time in Serbia has really given me a love for the country. I think i can use my security expertise as an advantage and give a professional and positive assessment of Serbia and that can only be of benefit. I am currently looking for any interesting projects or opportunities in Serbia and my services include consulting, risk assessments, training Guard Services, Close Protection and much more. My long-term goal is to live and work in Serbia. My contact details are as follows E-Mail:

Serbia Is Safe !!

After working in the security industry for many years I was asked by a client to do various projects in Serbia during 2009. I had been to Pristina in 91/92 but had not returned to that region since then and was interested to see how things had changed and developed.…

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