Belgrade Sunset

Belgrade has a mighty and moody sky – the perfect backdrop for breathtaking sunsets.

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I was aware of it at all hours of the day and constantly found myself looking up at the changing hues from morning to midday to dusk. How can one sky, above one city, produce so many colours?

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Here are some pics to show the sky above Belgrade on fire – seemingly a regular occurrence.

Beograd For Me Is The Perfect City

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I have been fortunate to have travelled to many beautiful cities around the world, but nowhere has captured my heart quite like Belgrade.

I stumbled across Belgrade quite by accident – missing the train from Budapest to Sarajevo, the lady at the ticket office suggested I go via Belgrade. Why not? BGD quickly became th…e highlight of my Balkans trip.

How could I not fall in love with the mighty Danube – so serious and with such a long history, with Kalemegdan perched high on a hill overlooking the city, the buzz of Knez Mihailova and the passion and laughter of the Serbian people?

Beograd for me is the perfect city. I feel very comfortable and relaxed here. It is like nowhere else I know.