Belgrade Through The Eyes Of An Italian

Belgrade Through The Eyes Of An Italian

Belgrade Through The Eyes Of An Italian

An Italian man visited recently Belgrade and made a video that shows well why you should visit the capital of Serbia. He wrote:

Belgrade is one of the most beautiful cities in the Balkans… To visit Belgrade just a weekend and you will not spend a lot of money. A useful point of orientation for tourists is the Republic Square (Trg Republike). The part that you go to visit is the Stari Grad. Places not to be missed are: Kalemegdan. It ‘a park located in the center of Belgrade fortress, from whose ramparts you can enjoy the wonderful spectacle offered by the confluence of the two rivers; Knez Mihailova is the largest pedestrian area in the center of Belgrade; Skadarlija is the old bohemian quarter of the city Belgrade; National Assembly of Serbia is situated in the heart of Belgrade, in front of the Pioneers Park, in the Nikola Paši? square and the Temple of Saint Sava, the monumental, that citizens love so much because they are so fond of Orthodox Christian religion. Lastly, let us stop to observe in silence damages caused by NATO bombing the Ministries buildings , which constitute new national monuments.

Well, watch Belgrade through the eyes of an Italian man on Vimeo. For more information about Belgrade, visit the website of the Tourist Organization of Belgrade.

Images Of Belgrade
Seattle Times Belgrade is an amazing city

Travel writer for the Seattle Times: Belgrade is an amazing city

Seattle Times Belgrade is an amazing city

Carol Pucci, a Seattle-based travel writer, and the Travel Wise columnist for the Seattle Times, visited Belgrade a few days ago. She planned to stay only one day in Belgrade, but Carol Pucci liked Belgrade so much that she decided to stay an extra day. She wrote two blog posts talking about her trip to Belgrade. The first is “A warm welcome in Belgrade.” Here’s a short excerpt:

Belgrade is an art-filled city, full of young people, many English-speaking, studying at the university by day and filling up the cafes and bars on every street corner in the evening.

The second blog post talks about “Art, music, food and more in Belgrade” Well, sorta:

We’ve been surprised how much art and music we’ve found in Belgrade, mostly by wandering the streets and popping into free gallery exhibitions, churches and museums.

That’s it. Belgrade is a surprising city full of English-speaking and friendly people, with music everywhere and wonderful food.

Belgrade - a vibrant and moving city
This is Belgrade, Serbia
The charm of Belgrade, Serbia
Belgrade Bridge Sava River
Winter In Kalemegdan... Belgrade
An American woman in Belgrade Serbia

Belgrade: The View Of An American Woman

A young American woman, Katie, is currently working as a teacher in the English Department at Athens College Elementary School (Greece) with grades 1-6. Last month she went to Belgrade for a weekend, and wrote today a blog post talking about her trip to Belgrade. She liked Belgrade, its architecture, food, and people:

A few of us decided to go to Belgrade for a weekend. Although I was a little sick, it was the best decision ever. Belgrade is a super cool city and totally underrated (in my opinion). I felt like the city was such a mix of a million things; there were many beautiful old buildings, but there were also mid century buildings that looked rigid and standardized. There is so much that no one really knows about Serbia and I think the city is transitioning a bunch while still embracing its past… Also, everyone was so friendly. Within an hour of arriving, a man helped us figure out the bus tickets, a taxi driver suggested we walk since where we were going was super close and he didn’t want to rip us off, and a woman went out of her way to walk us to where we wanted to go. THE BEST CITY.

Well, don’t just read this quote, read Katie’s blog post in full. Her photos of Belgrade are also really great). Yes, Belgrade is awesome! It’s nothing like what you hear on American tv.

A slovenian man in Belgrade 2