Images Of Belgrade…

Images Of Belgrade

Matt Carlson, a 24-year-old American man from Portland, Oregon, made a great video of Belgrade that shows Belgrade daily life, the city, and what makes Belgrade a fantastic city to live in – its wonderful and so friendly people: For more information about Belgrade, visit the website of the Tourist…

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This Is Belgrade | What Else?

This is Belgrade, Serbia

Vedrana Grbović (Miss Serbia in 2006) recently made this fantastic short video showing her favorite places in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It’s a short video (three minutes) but Vedrana presents well why it’s worth visting Belgrade, and why Belgrade is a fantastic city to live in. Belgrade, what else?

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Avala Tower, Belgrade

Avala Tower Belgrade

If you are visiting Belgrade, you should definitely go to to see the Avala Tower, a telecommunication tower located on Avala mountain in the periphery of Belgrade. It’s currently the tallest tower in Serbia and in the Balkan region. The site offers plenty of opportunities for walking, trekking, cycling or…

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