Wedding in Belgrade
Serbia's Ambassador's party
No Gay Parade In Belgrade

No Gay “Parade” In Belgrade

No Gay Parade In Belgrade

Fourteen Western ambassadors sent letters to Serbian Prime Minister saying:

A peaceful and joyous Pride in Belgrade on September 28, properly secured by authorities, would be another signal of Serbia’s commitment to creating a culture of tolerance and diversity and will counter … hate speech, discrimination and violence.

80% of people of Belgrade are against a Gay pride in Belgrade (poll of last year), and I’m against it too. We are not against gay, we are against a “pride” parade. Pride of what? Of being gay? It’s a joke!

Western ambassadors are not ruling Serbia, and they will never. Serbian people don’t want a gay “parade” so no gay “parade” in Belgrade…

The Terrorist and Organized Criminal Search Database Serbia

The Terrorist and Organized Criminal Search Database – Made In Serbia!!

The Terrorist and Organized Criminal Search Database Serbia
Researchers from the University of Belgrade have created a unique and publicly available web service that allows users to check in only few steps whether a person is suspected to be linked with terrorist activities and organized criminal. Good job! Here it is: The Terrorist and Organized Criminal Search Database (TOC-search)

Serbia I Miss You

Serbia, I Miss You

Serbia I Miss You

Jonathan Vazquez, a young American man from Los Angeles, spent recently 4 days in Belgrade. Back in America, he posted a blog post talking about why he misses Belgrade. Here’s a short excerpt of his post titled Serbia, I miss you:

I miss the faint rumbling traffic noise from down below
I miss the ransom conversations of earlier former Yugoslavia
I miss the fact that a half liter of beer was never more than $2

These past 4 days spent in Belgrade were great. Nobody really treated us like tourists. maybe because hardly anyone comes here. if I’m right, I sure hope it stays that way.

This Is My City Belgrade
Serbia's Ambassador Terrace1

Serbia’s Ambassador to the World’s Party

Serbia's Ambassador Terrace

Luna and me are organizing a party at home. When: September 6 (Friday) 2013. From 8:00pm until 6:00am. Where: Gavrila Principa 6, floor 4, Apartment 28. Entry 300 dinars. Free drinks: Beer, Wine, juice, and rakia. Come!!

Luna i ja organizuju žurke kod ku?e. Kada: 6. septembra (petak) 2013. Od 8:00 do 6:00. Gde: Gavrila Principa 6, 4 sprat, Stan 28. Ulaz 300 dinara. Besplatno pi?a: pivo, vino, sok, i rakije. Do?i!

Belgrade Beer Fest 2013
Liz Loves Belgrade

Liz Loves Belgrade

Liz Loves Belgrade

Liz, an American woman from New york, America, wrote:

Belgrade is not a beautiful city, but was one of my favorites. There is a huge mixture and contrast of architecture, with the above showing a fairly nice neoclassical style building situated next to a dilapidated communist block. Nevertheless, Belgrade has an amazing raw energy to it, and I cannot wait to go back. Apart from Budapest, it was the cheapest city we visited.

For more information about Belgrade, visit the website of the Tourist Organization of Belgrade.

Living the Serbian dream: Serbian food

Living The Serbian Dream: Serbian Food

Living the Serbian dream: Serbian food

Harriet Ruff, a 21-year-old woman from Warsash (UK) living in Geneva, Switzerland decided to visit Serbia:

Telling people that I went to Serbia on holiday generally ensues a series of raised eyebrows and questioned intentions…Serbia is not the third world country that everyone imagines.

Yes, it’s not. Harriet Ruff enjoyed her holiday in Serbia and wrote a great blog post talking quite exclusively about Serbian food. It’s seems that the British woman loved Serbian food. Here is a short excerpt but read the whole blog post:

A palačinke is essentially a pancake or crêpe. Sweet or savoury but with a specific base. Savoury always comes with sour cream. It’s a great addition. And sweet are either a Nutella or Eurocrem base. Eurocrem is a sort of white chocolate and milk chocolate mixed spread. It’s delightful. Plazma are another Serbian great. Apparently biscuits for babies that everybody eats. They’re a cross between a rich tea biscuit and a digestive. Crumble that on a eurocrem palačinka and you are living the Serbian dream.