What Do Americans Think About Belgrade?

Belgrade Serbia

Paul Rockower is an American photographer and journalist who has traveled to more than 55 countries. His photography and journalism work has been published in the Jerusalem Post, Korea Times, Taiwan News, Jakarta Globe, Huffington Post, etc. He has traveled to 55 countries… including Serbia (last week). And he wrote three posts on his personal blog showing that Belgrade is not what most Americans think it is, a dangerous city and a very inhospitable place to visit.

When he told people he was going to Serbia, they worried about him. But he wrote:

In reality, I feel much safer in Serbia than America….

And Paul Rockower likes Belgrade:

Belgrade is one of my favorite cities in the world, and that is not a compliment I take or make lightly.

In fact, he does not like Belgrade… He has fallen completely in love with the city. Why? Well, read Paul Rockower’s post titled “Belgrade Beauty.” It is so good that I am posting below the whole thing — but check out Paul’s site directly.

Belgrade Beauty

As I sit in my palatial room bedecked with gold trim in the Rezime Crown, and the sound of the street symphony’s scherzos filters through my large open windows with orange lace veils, all I can think of is how much I love Belgrade. This is truly a grand city–one that I have fallen completely in love with.

I would put Belgrade on my top ten list of cities worldwide. Probably around number 6 or 7. That is how highly I think of the place. But it is truly a wonderful city, with warm, wonderful people, terrific food and some real culture.

And the girls are some of the hottest in the world. Like really, I think Belgrade may win for the shear number of ridiculously hot girls around. Tough to nudge Istanbul, Paris or Rio, but it is uncanny.

I with I had more bandwidth to be writing about all that has been going on. It strikes me as sad that when I am doing the most meaningful, wonderful work, I have the least time to write about it. So it goes.

But in short, I am good. I am grand. And I really love Belgrade.

That’s it. When American people visit Belgrade, they discover that it is truly a safe and wonderful city, with warm, wonderful people, and fantastic food.

A Day In Niš, One Of Europe’s Oldest Historical Cities

Niš Serbia

Samuel Garza, an American travel photographer living in Spain, visted at the beginning of this month Niš, the largest city of southern Serbia, and one of the oldest cities in Europe. He spent only one day in Niš, but he had a great time there dicovering historical treasures. He wrote:

My time in Nis was short, but I had a fun-filled day. The city is filled with history. Constantine was born in Nis and I really wish would have had more time to research his presence in the city. However, I am very happy with the time I had and what I experienced..

Click on the photo below to read Samuel Garza’s blog post titled “A Nice Visit To Nis” in full and to see his fantastic pictures of Niš- one of Europe’s oldest historical cities.

A Day In Niš, One Of Europe's Oldest Historical Cities

Yes, it is worth visiting Niš, a beautiful city filled with history and culture!

The European Capital You Should Visit Right Now: Belgrade

Shawn & Tricia Mitchell have visited destinations in more than 47 countries on 5 continents and they recently visited Belgrade.

Belgrade is awesome

Tricia Mitchell put up a great blog post with amazing photos – Belgrade. It’s an old city with a new vibe. And her husband made a video to share the story of their experience in Belgrade, from Kalemegdan fortress, Nikola Tesla museum, the House of Flowers, Saint Sava cathedral, to delicious Serbian food and wine. Shawn P. Mitchell wrote on Facebook and Youtube:

On a recent visit to Belgrade, Serbia, my wife and I had a chance to experience the tourism offerings of this capital city. Situated at the confluence of the Danube and Sava Rivers on the Balkan Peninsula, Belgrade is emerging from the turmoil of the late 1990s and early 2000s as a regional center of commercial activity.

The hospitality we received in Belgrade was outstanding, as was the wine, thus ensuring that we will be returning the city again soon.

In the attached video, I share the story of our experience in Belgrade and some of the reasons why this city is well-positioned to be a thriving tourist destination in the years ahead.

Great video. Thank you Shawn. And thank you Tricia for your great article with amazing photos of Belgrade. More tourists from all over the world, and more American people like you, should come to visit Belgrade to disvover and share the truth: Belgrade is an amazing European capital!

135 Seconds Of Happiness In The Balkans

Yuri Drabent, a Polish man, made an extremely well-filmed short film showing in 135 seconds “happiness in the Balkans”. If you think that visiting Serbia and our region, the Balkans, you will have the most boring holiday of your life, think again. Yuri Drabent said:

So me and my girl (now turned fiancée) Joanna really love making videos from our holidays – we think it makes for an awesome souvenir! This time we took our dog (Balbina) and checked out the Balkans – in 13 days we covered 5k kilometers and visited Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Greece (not the Balkans, yes we realize) and managed to put together our little video about dumb, happy people. We hope you guys like it…

Well, this is an amazing film (with good music: Waves by Electric Guest) that shows that when you choose to spend your holidays in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Greece… in the Balkans, it’s a completely unforgettable and unique experience.

Please Stop Confusing Serbia With Siberia

It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who confuse Serbia with Siberia. Three days ago, The Siberian Times wrote a story about a mysterious giant crater which appeared at the ‘end of the world’ in… Siberia. And three websites (yes, 3) in only one day went on to confuse Serbia with Siberia.

For the website “Ghost Theory” (article written by Javier Ortega, an American writer living in Los Angeles) Siberia is Serbia, and Serbia is in Russia!
Siberia not Serbia

For the Deccan Chronicle, the largest circulated English newspaper in South India, the Siberian crater is a Serbian crater in northern Serbia as reported in the Serbian Times. Oh yes! It is the Siberian Times!

Siberia Serbia The Deccan Chronicle

And for World’s Largest Hindi Website, bhaskar.com, Serbia is Siberia:

Serbia Siberia

That’s it. For many people and “journalists” Serbia is Siberia, Serbia is in Russia and so on. But NO!. Serbia, the country I live in and promote in the world is not a region of the Russian Federation. The Republic of Serbia is an European country located in Southeastern Europe. See the map below, and please stop confusing Serbia with Siberia!

Serbia Siberia Map

American Family – Vidimo se Srbija (See you Later Serbia) – We Will Miss You

Monestel family - Serbia

After almost three years in Serbia, an American family, the Monestel family – Robert, Julie and their three kids are moving to Seoul in South Korea. They liked Serbia from day one, and will miss Serbia and its people.

Back in August 2011, Robert Monestel wrote a blog post talking about their first week in Belgrade:

Our family arrived in Belgrade last week for our next post overseas. They say first impressions are everything, and so far this promises to be a great place to call home for the next few years…

The people of Belgrade are very welcoming, and my staff at the clinic are particularly helpful in every step of the way. So, we start our discovery of this region and particularly of Serbia. From our initial exposure this promises to be a great gem not yet fully discovered by many in the West.

And yes, Serbia was a great place for this American family. Last week, the Monestel family moved to Seoul and Robert Monestel posted his last blog post from Serbia titled “Vidimo se Srbija (See you Later Serbia)

We say goodbye to Serbia this week, after three wonderful years in this beautiful country. We’ve had many great memories here and will always remember it fondly… From day one in Serbia, we knew this was going to be a great post. Sure enough, it has been a great place for our family; and the school and work environment were excellent. We have highly recommended it to other colleagues.

We’ll miss the walks near Kosutnjak Forest, biking or playing in Ada Lake park, or simply just having a great meal at any one of the thousands of cafes that permeate through the city of Belgrade…. We will always remember this region with warm memories and hope to visit again in the future… We will surely miss this country and its people.

Thank you Robert, Julie and all your family for loving Serbia and Serbian people. Serbia warmly welcomes all guests who know how to appreciate its hospitality.

Tourists Hitchhiking In Serbia… With The Police

Hitchhiking In Serbia… With Serbian Police

Aimee is from the United States of America, and Tessa is from New Zealand. The two young women are hitchhiking across Europe, and they arrived in Serbia from Romania last week.

After crossing the border (Jimbolia) into Serbia and a few minutes walk, Aimee, the young American woman was wondering if hitchhiking in Serbia was legal. “I don’t know if hitchhiking is legal in Serbia“ she wrote in her blog post talking about their adventures in Serbia.

And what? It’s a police car that took them to the next town:

The police car slowed to a stop. The policeman in the passenger seat rolled down his window and addressed us in Serbian.

“Do you speak English?”

“Yes,” the younger cop said with a grin. “We were wondering — where are you from?”

“I’m from New Zealand,” Tessa played the trump card right off.

The cops looked at each other and laughed.

“And you?” they directed the question at me.

“I’m from the United States. America,” I played what felt like the Queen of Spades.

They cracked up harder.

“We had a bet,” the talkative cop explained to us. “He thought you were from Romania and I thought you were from Ukraine. We both lost.”

“I don’t know which of you lost more,” Tessa grinned.

“Where are you going?”

“We’re trying to get to Novi Sad.”

“Well, we can take you to the next town.”

Are we hitchhiking with Serbian police? Is this really happening?

It was definitely really happening. So I guess we learned that hitchhiking is legal in Serbia.