I Love Serbian People. I Love Serbian Food

Stephanie Be I Love Serbian People And I Love Serbian Food

Stephanie Be, an American girl from California who has lived in Rio, Barcelona, and Sydney, wrote last week an article for Huffington Post titled “You Should Be Eating and Drinking in Belgrade, Serbia Right Now” Well, I know that French cuisine is fantastic as I lived 40 years in France before coming to Serbia. But if you’re looking for the best food in the world, I agree with Stephanie, look no further, come to Serbia and enjoy Serbian food. Oops! You will also love Serbian people.

Stephanie Be wrote:

Not everyone is a foodie who appreciates a fine eight course meal, or a cheap, deliciously cheesy chow down. Not everyone will indulge in local beers and wines at a fare that’s unfair. But for all of us that take to tasting and talking to locals… Belgrade, or Beograd, is the city for us!

I found Belgrade to be similar to Cyprus in culture. Although very different destinations, (Cyprus is an island with a few major towns, while Belgrade is a city with a centered area of tourism and two popular strips along the river), Serbian people are also unbelievably friendly and welcoming… Somewhere between survival and revolution, young Serbians blew a breath of life into Belgrade. Great food. Great drinks. Great nightlife. Great boat parties. Great people.

I love Serbian people. I really, truly felt at home in Belgrade.

Do not read only this short excerpt, read and watch the great pictures of Serbian food of Stephanie Be here. Great people, great food… Maybe it is time to visit Serbia… or to come back home.

Living the Serbian dream: Serbian food

Living The Serbian Dream: Serbian Food

Living the Serbian dream: Serbian food

Harriet Ruff, a 21-year-old woman from Warsash (UK) living in Geneva, Switzerland decided to visit Serbia:

Telling people that I went to Serbia on holiday generally ensues a series of raised eyebrows and questioned intentions…Serbia is not the third world country that everyone imagines.

Yes, it’s not. Harriet Ruff enjoyed her holiday in Serbia and wrote a great blog post talking quite exclusively about Serbian food. It’s seems that the British woman loved Serbian food. Here is a short excerpt but read the whole blog post:

A palačinke is essentially a pancake or crêpe. Sweet or savoury but with a specific base. Savoury always comes with sour cream. It’s a great addition. And sweet are either a Nutella or Eurocrem base. Eurocrem is a sort of white chocolate and milk chocolate mixed spread. It’s delightful. Plazma are another Serbian great. Apparently biscuits for babies that everybody eats. They’re a cross between a rich tea biscuit and a digestive. Crumble that on a eurocrem palačinka and you are living the Serbian dream.

Serbia - Michael Turtle
Travel Tips For Serbia 2013

Travel Tips For Serbia 2013

Travel Tips For Serbia 2013

The women behind Nothing Against Serbia’s blog put yesterday an interesting blog post titled Travel tips for Serbia 2013. If you wish to have the best of the Serbian experience, read her post. Here is a short excerpt, but read the full blog post:

The Serbian eating style is something that delights tourists the most: it’s absolutely fantastic! In this overview about serbian food you find an explanation to all the dishes served in restaurants, a good guide to drinks and eating habits. (For vegetarians, well what to say? if you decide to eat meat once in your lifetime, do it in Serbia…)

Serbian healthy Organic Food

Serbian Healthy Organic Food

Serbian healthy Organic Food

If you come to Serbia and eat Serbian fruits and vegetables you will be surprised because they taste far more better than in your home country. Why? Because Serbian fruits and vegetables are produced using methods of organic farming that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Well, watch the last video of the National Tourism Organization of Serbia uploaded today on Youtube titled ‘Organic Food Serbia – Healthy Living’ and discover Serbia’s countryside and Serbian healthy organic food:

Seattle Times Belgrade is an amazing city

Travel writer for the Seattle Times: Belgrade is an amazing city

Seattle Times Belgrade is an amazing city

Carol Pucci, a Seattle-based travel writer, and the Travel Wise columnist for the Seattle Times, visited Belgrade a few days ago. She planned to stay only one day in Belgrade, but Carol Pucci liked Belgrade so much that she decided to stay an extra day. She wrote two blog posts talking about her trip to Belgrade. The first is “A warm welcome in Belgrade.” Here’s a short excerpt:

Belgrade is an art-filled city, full of young people, many English-speaking, studying at the university by day and filling up the cafes and bars on every street corner in the evening.

The second blog post talks about “Art, music, food and more in Belgrade” Well, sorta:

We’ve been surprised how much art and music we’ve found in Belgrade, mostly by wandering the streets and popping into free gallery exhibitions, churches and museums.

That’s it. Belgrade is a surprising city full of English-speaking and friendly people, with music everywhere and wonderful food.

The true face of Serbia
Serbian Food, The Best Food In The World
Serbia Is Not What You Think

Serbia Is Not What You Think

Serbia Is Not What You Think

The popular website Travelvivi.com put online today a great article talking Serbia that explains why you should visit Serbia. Here’s a short excerpt, but read Travelvivi’s article entitled “Introducing Serbia – One of Eastern Europe’s ‘Undiscovered’ Gems” in full:

New to tourism, this Eastern European country is determined to show the world all its attributes: awe-inspiring cuisine, picture-perfect countryside, low prices, safe travel and excellent city nightlife, not to mention the wealth of hotels to suit all budgets and a wide range of curative health spas in spectacular settings ready to provide visitors the best relaxation and treatment. Serbia is also a prime destination for winter sports, as it boasts some of the best mountain resorts in the world. What you can expect from this unusual country are also its warm and hospitable people, always willing to help. In short, no matter what kind of traveler you are, a business visitor, an adventure traveler or one with an interest in art, history, culture and wildlife, Serbia will always entice you, making your vacation one to remember forever.

Trying to order Serbian food in Serbian in America