Feel free to contact me through this page. I’ll get back to you if I can, which could honestly be more than a couple of weeks. I can easily get 100+ emails a day, which leaves me little time to respond to everyone individually by email. Or, feel free to call me (or send me an SMS) at +381 62 975 75 05 (mobile phone) or contact me via Skype: karl.haudbourg.


56 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Izvinite, pisao sam tekst na cirilici i ne radi.
    Hteo sam da vam pošaljem novu stranicu da smo napravili iz Katalonije.
    Zove se Solidarnost sa Srbijom iz Katalonije (na katalonskom Solidaritat amb Sèrbia des de Catalunya) i ho?emo da podržavamo Srbiju i Srbe.
    Iako mi hocemo naša nezavisnost podržavamo Srpsko Kosovo


  2. ana says:

    Hello Karl..i’m looking for my uncle and all i know is that he is in Serbia…please tell how can i find him…i need an e-mail from the police or i don’t know…please help and give me something to begin my search…thank you!

  3. Dead... says:

    Just read on vesti online that you are going to be deported in France. Super. We are waiting for so long that you come back to France to kill you and your daughter. Here in Serbia you were protected, now in France it is over. I alerted all my Albanians friends from Paris, Bordeaux, Toulon and in all the big cities and they will find you fucking bastard.

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