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Promoting Serbia, posting videos, pictures, and writing articles bringing the truth about Serbia and Serbian people to the world, this is what I do since December 2008 (1200 posts!). I have been able to develop this site thanks to contributions from my readers. Please consider making a donation, any amount large or small will contribute to keep this website going. You can donate via credit card by clicking the button below.

November 2014: two readers have sent a donation, $20 and $95. Thank you for your support!

Karl Haudbourg.


  1. Hello I SMS donated money to you. 10 sek, i didn't have more to donate on my phone but in next month december I will donate the highest amount on a text message. I really love and is thankful for what you have done with your website. Nobody could represent Serbia better than you. There are serbs here in Sweden who adore your website. And i will keep spreading your website. Good luck and best wishes!

  2. Hello Karl, first of all, thank You for your efforts, and second, I tried to send an SMS, but msg came back to me saying :service is unreachable?

    • Hi Jelena. Thank you so much! The SMS \”donate\” is not perfect and sometimes it does not work. So you should try another time. Again, thank you Jelena for your support.

  3. Hi Karl, I have accidently found your website, and wish that more people find it as the power is in numbers.

    I have just donated $20, hope it helps.

    Best regards from Sydney, Australia

  4. Thank you so much Natalie! Not many people are supporting my work by donating. It's so amazing. Your support means so much for me. Again, thank you!

  5. Vas blog mi je jedan od omiljenih, zaista ste pravi web ambasador Srbije. Volela bih da doniram nesto za sajt. Ne posedujem kreditnu karticu, samim tim nemam ni paypal, tako da ta mogucnost donacija otpada. Zanima me samo koliko je sigurna opcija SMS donacije, posto sam post paid?

  6. I tried to donate via SMS but it says that service is down. :(

  7. Bonsoir,

    Plusieurs fois j’ai voulu vous faire un don, deux raisons d’échec : la première par SMS n’a jamais fonctionné et la deuxième mon voyage à Belgrade a été reporté. Dans le courant de fin mars je viens à Belgrade et je vous ferai le don en main propre. Bisous à Luna :)
    Envoyez-moi votre n° de portable.


  8. Hi Carl, I’ve sent a donation via PayPal


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