Serbia Does Not Have Oil, But Has Friends… In Costa Rica Helping Serbia

Help Sebia Costa Rica

Serbia does not have oil, but has friends. I wrote that last week on my article talking about Matthew Trinetti, a young American trying all he can to help Serbia and Serbian people victims of flood.

And it is true, Serbia does not have oil, but has more friends than me and you thought. Yes, even in Costa Rica people are trying to help Serbia and our region. The director of Green Webbs, a web design company in Costa Rica is doing that, helping Serbia. The director of Green Webbs lives 10408.04 km (6467.25 miles) far from Serbia, he has never visited Serbia, but he is doing something to help.

Serbia Costa Rica

What is he doing to help Serbia and our region? He wrote (in Spanih translated by Tanja D.):

Support The Balkans

We are going to show you a video about what actually happened in May 2014 in Serbia in order to raise awareness about the support that Serbia
needs and to invite you all to attend the event for donation for all victimes thay were afected in this terrible flood tragedy!

Donation evening will take a place in C Lounge Cariari next Wednesday, june 4th, at 8 o’clock p.m. We will have a special guest, Humberto Vargas,
live music…

Entrence: c5000 (9 dollars-6 euros). All collected donation directly goes to suppprt and help Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia)
Please, join us and be part of the support that these countries really need these days.


Well, here is the video made in Costa Rica to help Serbia and our region:

Thank you friends of Serbia around the world and in Costa Rica. Your contribution will help improve the lives of Serbian people victims of flood. Thank you so much for supporting Serbia.

I Love Serbian People. I Love Serbian Food

Stephanie Be I Love Serbian People And I Love Serbian Food

Stephanie Be, an American girl from California who has lived in Rio, Barcelona, and Sydney, wrote last week an article for Huffington Post titled “You Should Be Eating and Drinking in Belgrade, Serbia Right Now” Well, I know that French cuisine is fantastic as I lived 40 years in France before coming to Serbia. But if you’re looking for the best food in the world, I agree with Stephanie, look no further, come to Serbia and enjoy Serbian food. Oops! You will also love Serbian people.

Stephanie Be wrote:

Not everyone is a foodie who appreciates a fine eight course meal, or a cheap, deliciously cheesy chow down. Not everyone will indulge in local beers and wines at a fare that’s unfair. But for all of us that take to tasting and talking to locals… Belgrade, or Beograd, is the city for us!

I found Belgrade to be similar to Cyprus in culture. Although very different destinations, (Cyprus is an island with a few major towns, while Belgrade is a city with a centered area of tourism and two popular strips along the river), Serbian people are also unbelievably friendly and welcoming… Somewhere between survival and revolution, young Serbians blew a breath of life into Belgrade. Great food. Great drinks. Great nightlife. Great boat parties. Great people.

I love Serbian people. I really, truly felt at home in Belgrade.

Do not read only this short excerpt, read and watch the great pictures of Serbian food of Stephanie Be here. Great people, great food… Maybe it is time to visit Serbia… or to come back home.

Floods In Serbia: Can You Imagine?

Imaginarium Productions, a Sydney based Video Production company, made a poignant short film about the disastrous floods in Serbia and our region. Dejan Stepanović, CEO of Imaginarium Productions wrote:

I have made this film to raise awareness of catastrophe that happened to our region, to encourage goodness in men, and to remind you all that only with awakened consciousness within you, and with unity of people we can look forward in the future.

Here it is:

Could you imagine if this were your country. Please, support Serbia as much as you can. If you’re not able to make a contribution, don’t worry, you can still help! Share with your friends and people around you. Spread the word, someone will make a contribution thanks to you!

Serbian People And Serbs Around The World: An Example For All Of Humanity

Help For Serbia

Serbian people are fighting a hard battle against the disastrous floods in my country. The enormous amount of water has caused massive damage and took lives. In these difficult moments all citizens of Serbia and Serbs living abroad are making every effort to help the people from the damaged areas. Thousands of people here are organizing and doing their best to help the ones that have lost their homes.

In Serbia, thousands of volunteers were helping with evacuations, and now the are collecting and distributing blankets, rubber boots, drinking water, food and hygiene kits to people affected. But not only in Serbia, Serbs from all around the world, in China, Slovenia, France, Italy, U.k and everywhere in the world are collecting clothes and foods to help Serbian people who lost everything.

London – Saturday 24 May

London – Saturday 24 May

In the UK for example, the British Serb magazine produced by Serbs in the UK, put up an amazing directory for all the UK-wide efforts to provide relief to the worst floods since records began in Serbia: UK map of collection points for flood relief effort and you can see the results there. Thank you my friend over at the British Serb magazine. Amazing job.

Another example in the UK is Dragan Marjanovic who moved to England seven years ago. He is also doing his best to help Serbian flood victims. This 34-year-old Serb who is originally from Obrenovac – a suburb of the Serbian capital Belgrade – which has been badly affected by the flooding, runs a fish and chip bar in Arlesey, a small town situated in the county of Bedfordshire, UK. He said to a local newspaper why he is helping Serbian flood victims and urges people to do the same:

I want to raise some money for the people affected by the flooding. They have been left with nothing so I am going to send them anything I can. I would urge anyone else to contribute whatever they can afford to us. It doesn’t have to be money, it could be shoes or clothes, literally anything. The floods have left people with nothing and if you have nothing anything is useful.

Bravo Dragan.

At the end, I want to say that I am touched to see so many people showing their generosity and helping. A big thank you to everyone for your immense support and contribution. We are starting a process of rebuilding Serbia which will take months, in some aspects, years and the generosity and willingness to help of Serbian people and Serbs around the world is truly incredible. You set an example for all of humanity.

I Live In Ireland, But I Care About Serbian People Victims Of flood

 David Naughton-Shires - Help Serbia

David Naughton-Shires lives in Sixmilebridge, a small town in County Clare, Ireland. He is not Serbian but he cares about Serbian people victims of flood. He wrote yesterday a blog post titled “A Cry for help!!!!!”:

People affected by this act of nature have lost everything. They left their home to avoid the coming waves of flood water with only the clothes they were wearing at the time. Tens of thousands of people are now placed in shelters, depending on people willing to help them. They have no food, no clean water, no clothes, no medicines, no health products. For some of them, it will take years before they’ll be able to go back home. And even then, they won’t have anything…

And even though I don’t live in that part of the world, this matter is important to me. It is important because all these disasters have affected my friends. One was stuck on the roof of a house for 3 days, waiting for help, another has lost a house and a horse ranch. Just like other tens of thousands of people. So it has to be important. Not just to me, to entire world. This is a tragedy.

And David Naughton-Shires asked his readers to help Serbia:

Help them. In any way you can. If you skip one beer or a cup of coffee, and donate that amount of money, you will feed one person who’s suffering right now….Please help if you can if you can’t give yourself just share to increase awareness.

It is incredible that you David, who are not Serbian but an Irish man living in Ireland, cares about Serbia and ask people to help Serbia. Thank you David.

Helping Others Is Just How Serbs Are

Christopher Rudder and Karl Haudbourg

Yesterday I received an email from my friend Christopher Rudder, a Canadian musician living in Toronto who has visited several times Serbia and made some great videos of it. Here is his email:

Dear Karl Haudbourg,

Some of the amazing stories coming out of Serbia are incredible. The story of the man who lost his wife and child to the floods but is still out there helping others. Honestly, the more i visit there, the more friends I make and the more people I get to know. I’ve discovered that helping others is just how Serbs are. The story is amazing but that’s their nature, that’s the type of people they are!

That’s it! Not only this man who lost his wife and his 2-year-old son in the floods and continued for days to save lives in flooded Obrenovac, but all Serbs are helping others, that’s their nature.

So proud of my country, so proud of Serbian people who do not give up and who make Serbia great. Thank you Christopher.

Serbia Needs Your Help

Serbia needs your help

Yesterday it was the second time I met a friend who lives in Obrenovac, a city some 30 kilometres southwest of where I live, in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. He took a shower and gave me the clothes of his family to wash. My friend is living like thousands of Serbian people devastated by flooding, with no electricity and no running water.

It is not raining anymore and many people have returned to find their homes and belongings in ruins. They have lost everything:

Everyone and everybody in Serbia is helping friends, family and everyone, but Serbia can’t bring back to all Serbian families victims of flood, a house and furniture… without your help. You can help here.

Thank you.

From Boston: Support Serbia And Bosnia

From Boston Support Serbia And Bosnia

Stephanie Davis, an American woman from Boston, Massachusetts put up yesterday a blog post asking people to donate $20 or $5 for Serbian people victims of flood. Amazing. She wrote:

I hope you’ve heard (or maybe you haven’t because there has not been much media coverage) about the devastating flooding in Serbia and Bosnia over the past week… this flooding has wiped out the home town of a very dear friend of mine, Nevena. her friends and family are evacuated and homeless and her heart is aching. I want to share with you the letter she wrote to our former redbrick capital colleagues… I know she won’t mind since it will help spread the word and I really hope it helps you feel compelled to help out in any way… a quick $20 PayPal donation, $5 even.

Thank you so much Stephanie for supporting Serbia from Boston. Serbia needs help from American people like you who have a great heart. And thank you for publishing the letter of Nevena, a heartbreaking appeal for help and donation:

My dear Redbrick friends,

I hope this note finds you well.

After three days of the strongest rain ever, Serbia is hit by the worst floods in the last 120 years. Almost 50% of the main roads are under water, about 40% of agricultural land has been destroyed, and several towns have to be completely evacuated. Landslides in mountainous areas have cut off mountain roads, destroyed thousands of houses, and many villages are without electricity, mobile coverage, drinking water or any contact with the outside world. Some parts of the country, especially in the northwest (where my home town is), look like open sea. Hundreds of kids are now homeless, without food, water, warm and dry clothes. People have lost their lives and livelihoods, their homes, crops, livestock…. Both my and Vladimir’s family are evacuated and safe now. Unfortunately, the situation is not getting any better… We have been through a lot but this is a huge catastrophe and death toll rises. Serbia is a poor country with little means to recover from a disaster of this size. Thus, on behalf of me, my family, friends, and all the people who live in Serbia I need to ask for little help of any kind.

I would truly appreciate your help! I promise that even one dollar could make a difference in someone’s life in Serbia.

Of course even one dollar could make a difference in the life of people victims of flood in Serbia. Thank you Stephanie from Boston for helping Serbia. I again urge all my readers in America and all over the world to donate for Serbia at the Official Serbian Government special account for flood relief.

Serbia. Serbia does not have oil, but has friends.

I’m Not Serbian. Nor Do I Live In Serbia. I’m An American Man Helping Serbia

Matthew Trinett helps Serbia

Matthew Trinetti is not Serbian, nor he lives in Serbia. He is a young American living in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. And what this American man is doing? He is trying all he can to help Serbia and Serbian people victims of flood.

Matthew Trinetti wrote a fascinating blog post titled “The Importance of Helping Serbia Right Now” and he is raising money for the flood relief in Serbia. He wrote today:

You may be aware that Serbia and the other Balkan countries are experiencing devastating flooding right now.

It’s the worst flooding the area has experienced in over 120 years. There’s massive destruction of streets, buildings and homes. The death toll is rising. Over 25,000 people have been evacuated from their homes, most of which have been destroyed. Those families are in desperate need of food, water, clothes, blankets, medication, and other necessities.

It’s also possible that you had no clue anything terrible was happening in Serbia. It’s even possible you don’t know where Serbia is (no, it’s not Siberia, the really cold area in Northern Russia; Serbia is in Southeastern Europe).

Matthew Trinetti traveled to Belgrade three times and fell in love with Serbia. He asked a good question in his post: So why should we help Serbia? And his answer is…

As travelers, we need to stand up and represent the locations that have given us the life-altering experiences that have shaped who we are and how we see the world. Serbia is that place for me. And today, Serbia is desperately in need.

If people like us don’t stand up for the places that touched them…who will? Local people will. Neighbors will. Expat and immigrant families living abroad probably will. But Serbia is not a rich country. A place like Serbia doesn’t have nearly as robust a support system as the US or other more developed countries. It needs help from elsewhere. It needs our help.

Thank you so much Matthew. Serbia needs more help from American people, and what you are doing -raising money for the flood relief in Serbia ($230.00 so far) is just fantastic. Serbia needs more friends like you.

That’s why I urge all my readers in America and all over the world to donate at least $20 to Serbia. That is about the price of 4 Starbucks coffees, or the price of two lunches. For that small sum of money, Serbia can provide blankets to those who are cold, food to those who are starving, and a dry place for people who have lost their homes to spend the night.

Serbia does not have oil, but has friends. Thank you Matthew.

Open Your Heart And Support Flood Victims In Serbia

Open Your Heart And Support Flood Victims In Serbia

This blog is read all around the world, and I want to use this platform as a way to mobilize help and aid to those suffering now in Serbia. You never know when you will be in a time of need, so treat others how you would like to be in the same situation and open up your hearts.

Serbia and Serbian people need your help now. Open your heart and support flood victims in Serbia. You can donate via Paypal on the website of the Ministry of Finance or by bank transfer.

To see the full extent of the damage watch this video titled “Open your heart for flooded Serbia – Otvorite srce za poplavljenu Srbiju” made by my Facebook friend Sasa Dobrijevic. It shows that the situation is dramatic with thousands of people who have lost everything, the home that they lived in, their house, everything. Everything is destroyed: