Belgrade – In Pictures – People Of Belgrade

Sam Stearman, an American photographer living in Hong Kong, spent a few days in Belgrade, and took some amazing pictures of the people of Belgrade.

We spent three days in Belgrade, so I had an opportunity to see and photograph many people: young and old, professional, students and just your average man on the street – at work and at play – all wonderful. Come take a look at my impressions of those who live and work in this wonderful city.

His video/photos showing the people of Belgrade is well worth watching:

Do Serbs Like Americans?

An American woman living in Belgrade (since October 2010) put up a blog post talking about the shoes she has loved and lost on the streets of Belgrade. The (most) interesting part of her post is in the introduction:

Some people think that living in Serbia requires sacrifice. They think it’s nothing but mangy surroundings (wrong), eating potatoes and cabbage (double wrong) and living among people who don’t speak English or like Americans (super wrong.)

Cows in Belgrade

Cats…and Cows! In Belgrade

I have so many wonderful memories from my recent trip to Belgrade, and I decided that, since I’m not one of those people who writes a travel journal, that I would start looking through my photos and writing small excerpts about my journey…

Cats…Yes, there are cats in Belgrade! There are many cats, and each time I was strolling down the lovely streets of Belgrade, I almost always saw a cat. Of course, being the cat lover I am, I wanted to go and pet them all and make sure they had food and shelter…There was one day when it was very windy, rainy, and stormy, and all the passersby were seeking shelter from the storm. As I was running to get out of the rain, I saw this particular cat and decided to just get wet and take some photos of this frisky feline…As usual, cats like to “run the show” and don’t tend to be too agreeable when photos are being taken, but I did manage to get a few photos (mostly with the cat completely ignoring me)…Anyway, cats make me smile, and this cat made me smile and not care that I was standing in the rain…Belgrade has beautiful cats; just another reason I look forward to going back one day!

And Cows…The cows I saw weren’t real cows; they were artistic, sculptural-like cows that turned up on nearly every corner in the center of Belgrade. I don’t really know the story behind these cows being in Belgrade, but by the end of the trip, I had formed quite an attachment to these cows, even if they weren’t real. I found it fun to sit in the center and watch the children run up to the cows and jump on top so their parents could snap a photo. One funny thing I remember was seeing a dog that kept barking at one of the cows; the owner kept trying to lead the dog away, but this dog was adamant to stay and bark at the cow…I found it quite endearing (the cows and the dog barking at the cow)…

One might ask why I decided to write something about cats and cows…Well, here’s why, I love cats and cows too, and it seemed each day that I was in Belgrade, I noticed things there that I loved, and this made my trip there even more special…All I can say in closing is that I love Belgrade and Serbia and I can’t wait to visit again!

Thank you for reading this…
Leslie Jones (Prague, Czech Republic)
I live in Prague, Czech Republic as an English teacher (I’m originally from the United States).

Yet another American Likes Belgrade’s Beach, Ada Ciganlija

We recently wrote about Tony Ehrbar’s post where, in the course of traveling around the world in 110 days, he had a great time at Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade’s most popular city beach. Ada Ciganlija offers a wide range of refreshing activities, so, it’s not really surprising to see that yet another American has liked Belgrade’s Beach. This time Justin Klein, a 28-year-old contract programmer and world traveler based in Los Angeles, California, took a short solo trip to Ada Ciganlija, and wrote an excellent post about it. Here’s a short excerpt, but it’s worth reading the whole thing:

My God, I could not have designed a more perfect summertime hangout.

With a massive artificial lake at its center, the Ada recreational area offers virtually anything one might desire for a Sunday under the sun. Its pebbled waterfront is encircled by both a walking promenade and a bike path, both of which are lined by countless bars, cafes, restaurants, food stalls, basketball and tennis and volleyball courts, children’s playgrounds, green grassy areas, BBQ pits, indoor and outdoor sports complexes, inflatable moon bounces, rock climbing walls, and even a tower built specifically for bungee jumping. Of course if watersports are your thing, you can always go for a dip in any of the swimming areas, or rent a paddle boat, or even strap on some water skis – they’ve got a long overhead wire that zips you back and forth along the water. The clubs and bars along the promenade play every type of music, from the latest in EuroHouse to traditional Serbian. Dozens of cyclists and rollerbladers cruise around modeling their suntanned bodies as thousands more pedestrians stroll leisurely by. There’s even nude beach area, if that’s your thing – though it’s no more isolated from the walking promenade than any of the other swimming areas. Now that takes some confidence!

An American Traveler At The Belgrade’s Beach: Fun In The sun…

Tony Ehrbar, Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States, is traveling around the world in 110 days. When he was in Belgrade last week, he went to Belgrade’s beach, Ada Ciganlija. It seems Tony Ehrbar liked Belgrade’s most popular city beach, and had a great time there. Here’s a short excerpt, but it’s worth reading Ehrbar’s post “Fun in the sun…” in full:

That morning we rented bikes and pedaled 30 minutes along the river path – passing many rusted out and deserted boats along the riverside – although a significant portion had been converted into clubs and bars. We finally made it to the beach and found a restaurant with had free beach chairs – which was nice since the beach was made out of stones, not sand. We order a Jelen (beer), grabbed our books and sat back to enjoy the perfect weather. Whenever we got hot, we played a little water frisbee and whenever we got hungry or thirsty, we called over our waiter – it was quite relaxing. We ordered cevapci and pljeskavika – which are traditional Serbian sausages and hamburgers made with the same meat. If it weren’t for the fact that these sausages may be the most unhealthy meal in the world, I would eat this everyday for the rest of my life.

Yet Another American Liking Belgrade

The anonymous author of the blog An American in Austria spent a few days in Belgrade, “the most underdeveloped European city I’ve seen” he/she said. I guess it’s a compliment. In fact, the American in Austria liked Begrade and Serbian food so much that she/he wants to come back to Serbia:

One of my favorite aspects of Belgrade was the food! On Easter, we ate in the bohemian street, in a traditional restaurant with a live folk band. I loved the music so much that I bought a CD. The second day was just as great, with a three course steak meal under 10 euros. Sadly, Belgrade was our only stop in Serbia, and by Tuesday we were on our way to Bulgaria. But I am anxious to return to Serbia in the future and see what it has become. With so much history and culture, the world needs to pay attention to it.

An American Family Living In Belgrade, Serbia

It looks like moving to Belgrade, Serbia from the United States has been a very positive experience for an American family of five from Tennessee – the Richardson family:

“Well, it’s hard to believe that it’s February of 2010, and that a year ago, we were packing up our house in Nashville and getting ready for the adventure of our lives! We landed here in Belgrade on March 4th of 2009, so in just a few weeks, we will celebrate our 1st anniversary of living in Belgrade. What a year it has been, too. Simply marvelous.

Besides the fact that Belgrade has turned out to be a great place to live, and that the Embassy and school communities have been so welcoming and nurturing for our kids and for us, it has been wonderful to have many visitors from the U.S. during our time here.”

What’s it like to be an American family living in Belgrade, Serbia? Take a look at the Richardson family’s blog. Learn what their life is like in Belgrade through Erin’s description of the people, the city, the cost of living, and the lifestyle. A look at Belgrade’s positives and negatives as a place to live for an American family.

An American In Serbia: Great weekend In Belgrade

Anna, an American girl, spent last weekend in Belgrade. “Great weekend. Great people. Great times. If you ever in your life have the opportunity to go to Belgrade, Serbia, DO IT! I HAD SUCH A BLAST!

Anna, a 23-year-old American girl had an unusual set of experiences last weekend in Serbia. On Friday, she arrived in Belgrade. “Arriving in Belgrade was pretty interesting. It actually reminded me somewhat of New York.” After being at the hostel for about a half hour, Anna, Christina, and Bree met a guy from Lebanon. He invited them to eat and hit the Belgrade scene. “I had my very first Serbian burger, which was absolutely delicious!” Then Anna went to the Belgrade bar scene. “All of these bars are actually boats on the river that are tied up to the dock! It was so awesome!” She even met up with a group of Irish guys who were also staying at their hostel!

On Saturday morning, Anna was “out the door by 10:15 to walk all around Belgrade and see some of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen with my own eyes! It was honestly terrific.” Then, the girls went to Skadarlija, the Bohemian quarter of Belgrade “I would totally like to have a party there one day”. After, the girls were in search of food. “Since Belgrade is such a huge pit stop of travelers from all around the world, there are tons of options. Which was fine by me, because I’ve been beginning to miss the good stuff, like Mexican & Chinese food. It just so happened that we found a Chinese restaurant and it was soooo good! Not only that, it was adorable! Really authentic, and really, just overall a perfect place for the three of us to have dinner together.” Finally, Anna headed to “Kalemegdan Fortress, which was absolutely amazing.” and also ventured out to see the last thing on their list, which was St. Sava’s Temple. “It was beautiful. Truly breathtaking.”

This is yet another example of an American who had a nice time in Belgrade, Serbia. So, once again for those who don’t know: Belgrade is a safe city for an American to visit. American Girls: Go to Belgrade, go and have fun! Stop worrying!