An American in Serbia

An American “cannot say enough good things about Serbia”

A young American from Austin, Texas, Zoom Horvath, who is traveling the world, decided to spend a month in Serbia. Now, he is leaving Serbia, and put a blog post saying:

I am leaving Serbia. What an amazing experience with amazing people. Cannot say enough good things about this country: the hospitality, the unique history, the rakija, the food, all of it contributed to a wonderful stay.

Watch his video:  

American Says Kosovo Is Serbia

Last year, I wrote about Charles Cather, an American man from Charleston, Illinois, United States, who fell in love with Serbia. Charles loves (and lives now in) Serbia, and also understands Serbian people. He goes on to say on Facebook today (in Serbian) that he is American, loves Serbia, and that Kosovo is Serbia. “JA SAM AMERIKANAC …… JA VOLIM SRBIJU!!!!!! KOCOBO JE SRBIJU.” So great to hear that an American guy understands that Kosovo is the heart of Serbia. Kosovo is Serbia. Kosovo je Srbija! Thanks Charles.

American Charles - Serbia

Serbia: It’s Not Like The United States

Back in June, we wrote about Charles, an American man from Charleston, Illinois, United States, who fell in love with Serbia. Charles is currently living in an apartment in Zrenjanin (a city and municipality located in the eastern part of Serbian province of Vojvodina), and went on to post another video on Youtube. It shows that there is a big difference between Serbia and the United States. It’s well worth watching:

Novi Sad Beach by Jenny McIver

Yes, You Can Find Beaches In Serbia… Novi Sad

Jenny McIver, a business traveler based in Atlanta (the capital and most populous city in the US state of Georgia) wrote on her Twitter account “Never thought today’s photo from Serbia would be of a beach!” and put up a blog post talking about Novi Sad… Beach. Here’s a short excerpt, but it’s worth reading Jenny’s blog post in full. Yes, you can find some very nice beaches in Serbia:

From there, we headed to the beach and it was the surprise of the day for me. I never pictured a beach scene like this one in Serbia – it was like South Beach meets the Danube. Thousands of beachgoers were out enjoying the sunshine on a Monday afternoon. We stopped in a beachside bar for a cold beer before moving on to our last stop, the Old Town, for dinner.

It was a fantastic day and I’m so grateful to Magdalena and Milan for showing me their country and being such terrific hosts.

My name is Hailley and I'm part of the class of 2014 at Coe College... Serbia

Why You Should Visit Serbia – Hailley (USA)

Hailley, an American girl from Wisconsin studying at Coe College (Iowa, USA) was recently in Serbia, and put up two blog posts talking about her experiences in Serbia. Firstly, she discovers Serbian hospitality:

“Yes, I saw tons of amazing things and had tons of amazing experiences in Serbia, but none of them can quite compare to the kindness of those people who walked into the bar and ended up coming in to sing to us. The Serbs have this very strong desire to show off the best of their country and a lot of the time, they’re willing to do pretty much whatever it takes to help tourists and visitors experience that.”

Then she went on to explain why should people visit Serbia:

“Serbia is such a completely different cultural experience! A lot of people visit Europe and talk about a distinctly European experience, but Serbia didn’t ever really European. There was definitely a mix of cultural elements. I saw shops that I had seen in London and came across architecture that looked similar to what I’d seen in pictures from a friend’s trip to Turkey. Serbia was a very unique experience and if you’re looking for something off the beaten tourist path, you should definitely go. But, as always when you’re traveling abroad, be open minded when you reach your destination. That’s the only way you can truly appreciate the country and enjoy yourself. “

Set aside your prejudices and venture to Serbia, this oft-ignored part of Europe.

Opinion Serbia

Serbia Is Much Better Than You Think

Glenn Stevens, an American who grew up overseas, currently living in Doha, Qatar, likes traveling – been to 83 countries and he is trying to reach 100. He made an unplanned two-day stop in Serbia. His two-day detour to Belgrade turned out to be one of the highlights of his Eastern Europe trip. He visited Saint Sava‘s church, Nikola Tesla Museum, Kalemegdan, and enjoyed Belgrade’s nightlife. Here’s just two excerpts, though you should read Glenn’s blog post titled East Europe Tour 2010 – Part 2: Serbia in full:

I thoroughly enjoyed my deviation into the ex-Yugoslavian capital city and found myself leaving wanting more. I think a return trip to see the ‘greater-Serbia’ will definitely be in the cards in the near future.

Glenn Stevens also found Serbian people to be exceptionally open and friendly:

A third thing I really enjoyed about the city was my encounters with the locals. While Serbians may get a bad rap, I found those I talked to be very friendly and approachable… I also found that, despite the US-led NATO bombings on the city a good decade before, Serbians were equally as interested in me as I was in them – wondering what an American was doing in their city.

That’s what we’re saying (again and again and again and again). Even Americans are welcome in Serbia.