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An American View: Cedomir Jovanovic

Čedomir Jovanović is a Serbian politician and the president of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). His opponents call him a traitor, and I agree with them. Yes, he’s a traitor who favors the independence of Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija. Well, that said, it looks like that also an American man (yes, an American man), living and working in Belgrade, Bill Kralovec, the Secondary Principal at the International School of Belgrade, understands that Čedomir Jovanović is not a great guy. Yes, Bill Kralovec, an American man, put up a blog post talking about Čedomir Jovanović , and went on to say:

My advice for him would be to establish a career in a chosen field (university professor), and gain some experience outside politics before coming back and trying again. As with US politicians, his model-like looks help, but he is struggling to even get into parliament..

Well said Bill!! My advice for Čedomir Jovanović would be to change his political campaign billboard. Instead of Istina, he should write Priština.

An American Family Chooses To Host An Exchange Student From Serbia

Danica, a girl from Belgrade, Serbia, will arrive at the end of August in the USA and spend next school year with Bridget’s family in Seattle, the northernmost major city on the West Coast of the United States. The Bridget family put up recently a blog post explaining why a girl from Serbia was chosen. It’s well worth reading Bridget’s post – Meet Danica – in full, particularly if you think that Serbs don’t speak English, or don’t like children. That said, Bridget’s post also shows how small our world is.

A Vegetarian Had The Best Meal Of Her Life… In Serbia!

Let’s see…. you’re a vegetarian and you are traveling to see family in Serbia. Do you (a) eat only a lot of Serbian bread or (b) you don’t want people to go out of the way for you, and you’re eating meat while you are in Serbia. Apparently, Anna, an American woman (NE), went with option (b) and then had one of the greatest, if not the best meal of her life.

At this point, it’s worth taking a step back, and understanding why it occurs. First, Anna had concerns about eating in Serbia.

“Eating in Serbia is going to be interesting. As you know, I’m a vegetarian and don’t eat much dairy. Serbians don’t have the same eating habits. We were welcomed yesterday afternoon by cousin with a very nice lunch. There were a few salads to enjoy and there was also a LOT of meat. They served grass fed pork, lamb,and prischutto from a small island off the coast of Croatia. I did try the prischutto but couldn’t bring myself to eat the other meat.”

A few days later, Anna went on to say that Serbian food was out of this world!

“The food is out of this world. Even though there is meat, there isn’t much else…as in additives or manufactured food. They visit the markets everyday and prepare what is available. Lots of fresh salads, soups, fruit, and everyday we eat a new kind of bread that was baked in the downstairs bakery. So different from my way of eating back home.”

And then, she ate a bite of meat “The Serbians that I am spending time with are having a hard time wrapping their heads around me and my vegetarianism. Of course, I’m eating meat while I am here, but it’s the last and smallest portion that I add to my plate.” And… then at the end, Anna Went to dinner at a famous restaurant in Belgrade called ? and had one of the greatest, if not the best meal of her life.

“I went out with my baka, Boshko and Ana to a restaurant last night named, It Is What It Is(translated). What it was, was fantastic. I think I had one of the greatest, if not the best meal of my life… here was so much food. Fresh bread, spinach pita, salad with a cheese that melted in your mouth and soup. Then the main course came out, it was lamb and potatoes and it had been cooking all day long on hot coals. I haven’t had lamb in about 6 years and it tasted even better than I remembered. (Don’t think that I’ll be eating all this meat when I come home. I plan on going back to my vegetarian ways).”