Beautiful Belgrade… Belgrade Women

Christopher Rudder, who is in the Toronto based hip-hop group aLLeYNe & tEMuS, uploaded a great video taking about his recent trip to Belgrade. He also ended up writing a short text explaining why Belgrade seems to hide the most beautiful thing of all… It’s women:

And Belgrade, my beautiful Belgrade. A seriously under rated city. Amongst other things Belgrade seems to hide the most beautiful thing of all… It’s women. So far I have yet to see another country in Europe beside Split which single handedly produces the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I swear there is a factory somewhere that is just pumping out hot girls every minute. It doesn’t matter where you are. You could be sitting in a coffee shop, eating dinner, at the beach or out for a walk. If you sit on a bench and just watch I promise you hot girl after hot girl will file down the street one after another. What makes Belgrade, Belgrade is Belgrade’s best kept secret, and I’ll prove it to you…are you ready?

Things I love about Belgrade: Belgrade’s girls?

Many people wrote about Belgrade, the beautiful girl from Belgrade, the parties and clubs, pirate movies, etc. Well, here’s a fun one. Over the weekend, Dimitar Vuksanov had an interesting post about Belgrade: Things I love about Belgrade – Things I don’t like about Belgrade. Vuksanov apparently complained about how awful it is that “girls with so much make up” are “dressed like they’re going to an Oscar ceremony at 7 a.m. in the morning”. Only in the world of someone who doesn’t understand Serbian girls would that person lament the fact that the girls are not ugly in the morning. Imagine a man walking in Knez Mihailova street in the morning and the first thing he sees is an ugly girl, with inflatable lips and eyeballs to shame a frog and you expect the man’s day at work to be pleasant? It appears Vuksanov doesn’t understand Belgrade’s girl at all. Serbian girls want to be beautiful all day long, and of course in the morning. Well, that said, if you would like to see by yourself some Serbian girls, you should visit Milan Zonic’s gallery.

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