Graham Stack (Kyiv Post) Says Belgrade Is A Vibrant City

Graham Stack, a journalist at Kyiv Post (Ukraine’s leading English-language newspaper) wrote an excellent article about Belgrade. You should read the whole thing, but here’s a short snippet:

Serbia’s capital Belgrade, which means the White City in Serbian, might not have it all, but it has a lot. It’s has a magnificent fortress located at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers, with stunning sunset views over the plain.

It’s got a cobblestoned Bohemian quarter, unchanged since the national awakening in the 19th century. It’s got some of Europe’s newest war ruins, dating back only to 1999.

And finally, it’s got a pulsating nightlife that on balmy summer nights on the banks of the Danube and on the dance floors of the myriad river boats has no parallel in Europe.

For those not yet in the know: Belgrade – only recently a pariah capital under NATO bombardment – has metamorphosed into one of Europe’s premier summer nightlife destinations.

This is, of course, what many of us have been saying for over a decade now: Belgrade might not have it all, but Belgrade is a vibrant city, surprising with its diversity, and with its rich history.

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