Belgrade - world's party capital

Belgrade – The Party Capital Of The World

Belgrade - world's party capital

Belgrade, the capital and largest city of Serbia, hasn’t always been at the top people’s list of places to visit. But in recent years Belgrade has made a name for itself as the world party city with a nightlife scene that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Mirjana Pantic wrote yesterday an excellent article over at talking Belgrade, the ‘ultimate party city’ and about a British citizen Peter Rhodes who had gone missing in Belgrade for three days last autumn after he went to see the Prodigy performance. Everybody was looking for Peter, but he was just enjoying Belgrade:

I have experienced nirvana. Four days in Serbia were best days of my life. I really enjoyed it. If I had to do it again, I would do the same.

Well, read Mirjana Pantic’s article entitled Get lost in Belgrade—the ‘ultimate party city’ in full, and come to Belgrade, the party capital of the world. For more information about Belgrade, visit the website of the Tourist Organization of Belgrade.

Belgrade Is Not Los Angeles (Nightlife)

Leon Kaye, the founder and editor of, lives in Los Angeles. He recently spent time in Belgrade, Serbia, and wrote about Belgrade nightlife. Here’s a short excerpt, but it’s worth reading/watching the whole thing:

One regret about my time in Belgrade was that I did not spend enough time in the capital of Serbia.

Saturday night in Belgrade is not for the timid. Clubs, restaurants, and bars only get started at a time when most Americans get ready to go to bed. Tunes blare out from illuminated windows, humming everything from old folk tunes to heart-thumping techno. Skadarska, Belgrade’s answer to North Beach or Greenwich Village, is especially fun: subdued during the day but boisterous at night.

For those who want to see Belgrade nightlife in ‘real’, here is a video:

Hidden Treasures Of Belgrade: Its People

Combine Belgrade’s architectural treasures with the warmth of its people, its thriving nightlife scene, and its great food, and you see why it leaves an indelible impression on visitors. The latest example comes from Marcus Agar (also known as Wild Rooster), an international communications consultant based in the UK, who recently visited Belgrade for the first time. He found Belgrade to have great food and clubs, and some interesting architecture. But the reason he will be returning to Belgrade in May: the people (yes, the people). Here’s a short excerpt of Wild Rooster’s blog post entitled Belgrade: A vibrant city with a warm welcome, but it’s worth reading the whole thing:

The people of Belgrade could be this city’s greatest asset, having left their indelible mark on my first visit to Serbia.

Belgrade’s café culture and exuberant nightlife rightly attracts people in search of a good time. Dropping in and out of bustling bars, it is easy to become enchanted by the spirit that keeps Belgrade alive and kicking. Having sampled clubs and bars along the Danube and in the city centre during a recent trip, I can vouch for Belgrade’s deserved reputation as a party destination.

What is not so well known is the incredible warmth and welcoming openness of the people. On a recent visit to Belgrade, I experienced simple acts of kindness and friendliness that are all too uncommon.

Patrick St-Denis – Belgrade Was A Blast All The Way

Patrick St-Denis, Montreal, Canada, best known for running Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist, the place to go for fantasy news, contests, excerpts, and interviews, recently spent a few days in Belgrade (July 7th to 10th). He uploaded on Facebook some beautiful photos of Belgrade, and wrote a short post talking about Belgrade’s nightlife:

Belgrade may not possess the mass appeal of other cities such as Prague, Budapest, Berlin, etc. Yet where nightlife is concerned, Belgrade takes a backseat for no one. Los Angeles, New York City, London, Montreal, Miami, yada yada yada, are all renowned for their nightlife. But in Belgrade, it’s for keeps. People really know how to party, you can take my word for it.

Which explains the high ratio of party pics in this album. Keep in mind that I returned to the hostel past 4:30am three nights in a row. Blame it all on cheap booze, good music, fun times, and beautiful women (Serbian and otherwise!). Man, but Belgrade was a blast! ;-)

Check out Patrick St-Denis’s Serbia photo album.

Nightlife Guide To Belgrade

There are many reasons why somebody should visit Belgrade. Belgrade’s hot nightlife may be one reason. If there’s one thing Belgrade has never lacked, it’s a vibrant party atmosphere. Where to go, where to party in Belgrade? You should read Maya Grsic’s post over at called Belgrade, Serbia. A party guide. Maya Grsic made a personal selection of places she likes. This is a great overview of nightlife in Belgrade including drinking, dancing, and other entertainments. I definitely recommend reading the whole thing, but here’s a short snippet:

If you are keen on café-cruising or bar-hopping and if you like exuberant, loud, fancy, pretentious, luxurious, crowdie but above all, positive energy and atmosphere places and where people are always in the mood for partying, do visit Belgrade.

Belgrade: Europe’s Best Nightlife?

Justin Klein, a 28-year-old contract programmer and world traveler based in Los Angeles, California and Kyoto, Japan, is currently in Belgrade, Serbia. He put up a blog post talking about Belgrade’s nightlife. In his blog post, Justin Klein just confirms what you already know: Europe’s best nightlife can be found in Belgrade.

Virtually everyone I’ve met on this trip who’s ever paid a visit to the Serbian capital has agreed: for nightlife, there’s just nowhere else like it. It’s a city that never sleeps, where the clubs never close and downtown can feel busier at midnight than most cities ever feel.

Check out Justin Klein’s post called Europe’s Best Nightlife to learn more about his experience of Belgrade’s nightlife.