Yes, There’s A zoo In Belgrade. And Yes, It’s An Oasis In The Heart Of Belgrade

An Australian girl living in Belgrade recently went to the Belgrade zoo. It was incredible. She went to visit the animals, and to hang out. Which she did. She took some photos there, too. Most of them are ordinary digital camera photos, but this one, for example, is fantastic.

So yes, there’s a zoo in Belgrade. That said, if you are interested in learning more about the Belgrade zoo, go to the excellent blog post of Danica Radisic (@NikiBGD) where she explains why the Belgrade zoo is an oasis in the heart of Belgrade, and one of her absolute favorite places on Earth. Here is a short excerpt, but it’s well worth reading Danica Radisic’s post in full.

If the Zoo will quite possibly be one of the smallest you will come across and its location, among the hustle and bustle of Belgrade traffic, may seem inappropriate and disturbing. What you will find, however, is literally an oasis in the midst of a busy city.