Serbian people Are More Than Generous
An American Apologizing To Serbia For The Bombing Of 1999

An American Apologizing To Serbia For The Bombing Of 1999

Jonathan Manikas, an American man, uploaded yesterday to Youtube a poignant video where he apologizes to Serbian people for the bombing of Serbia in 1999. He wrote:

On top of the 2,500 Serbian civilians murdered by U.S.-led NATO, the targeted bombing of civilian infrastructure (such as electricity & water supplies, and communication systems) is a war crime under international law as well.

The bombing was more about geopolitics, with the Pentagon’s intention to extend NATO’s borders to gain military & economic influence at the front door of Russia, than it was about a “humanitarian mission” (obviously).

I’m so sorry what I as an American did to your nation.

Well, watch his video:

Belgrade, not people think it is

Belgrade, Not What Most People Think It Is!

Nice video showing my city, Belgrade. 5 years ago, when I told my French friends that I was moving there with my young daughter, they told me I was crazy, and that there was still war there, and that Serbs were monsters.

Let me told you something. It’s not true at all. Serbian people are the most friendly people I have ever met, and Serbia is a wonderful country, and Belgrade a vibrant city, more safe than any European Capitals. I will stay forever here in Serbia, and I hope more people will come to see that Serbia, and Belgrade is not what you think it is. Well, watch this video of my city:

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