More Brits Are Choosing Serbia

Back in April 2010, I wrote about Skyscanner revealing Europe’s ten least travelled capitals by British tourists, pointed out that you are unlikely to bump into many Brits in Belgrade. Serbia has enjoyed greater interest from the backpacker travel insurance holders from the UK following the relaxation of Visa laws two years ago, and the country looks set to go from strength to strength. Yes, more Brits are choosing Serbia:

British & Australia’s Uranium Killing Serbs

This documentary film based on the work of Serbian-born Australian author B. Wongar shows the relationship between British nuclear testing, uranium mining in Australia and the use of depleted uranium weapons in Serbia, and Serbian province of Kosovo. Well worth watching this trailer revealing one of the biggest secrets of the mining of uranium in Australia and the subsequent British nuclear testing… killing thousands of Serbs:

Scared... Serbia

British Student: Not Scared Anymore By Serbia

Njeri Githiomi, a 20 year old student from England who is currently studying at Filton College (a further education college in Filton, Bristol, England) went recently to Serbia. He put up an interesting blog post talking about his Serbian adventure.

He writes that the first time he was told that he was going to Serbia, his reaction was ‘where is Serbia’ and isn’t that a dangerous country? At the end of the day, he fell in love with Serbia, Serbian people and Serbian cuisine:

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to go to Serbia, I met some amazing people, experienced there culture and how they live. It opened my eyes and I saw things from a different angle. I was so judgemental at first and already made my mind up that I wasn’t going to enjoy coming to Serbia, in fact it its been the opposite, I prefer it to England. Its so relaxed, people are friendly, it’s so cheap and you feel like you have no worriers. I enjoyed trying all the traditional dishes that were given to me, I embraced the language and was open to learning and experiencing things I wouldn’t normally do. VOLIM TE SERBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Serbia Warmly Welcomes All Foreigners

I am a British citizen, who has had the pleasure of living and working in the Balkans for over 3 years. There is no avoiding the fact that this is an exciting, enticing, endearing, wonderful place that is also often frustrating as hell, but is always facinating. As to danger, I tell people honestly that I would be in more danger in my small home town in the West of England on an average Friday night than I have ever been during my extensive travels in the region.

These are wonderful people (all ‘flavours’ of them), who are generally friendly, intelligent, warm and welcoming, and extremely tolerant of and intrigued by foreigners. I completely agree with David Faber’s comments about the need for respect and humility when we are visitors – but, having travelled in a lot of places, this rule should surely apply wherever we are in the world. It’s just common sense and decency.

Like all good hosts, Serbia warmly welcomes all guests who know how to appreciate its hospitality. I’ve had the great pleasure of welcoming quite a few friends here in Serbia for their first visit. Every one of them wants to come back. Enough said?