Beautiful Eastern Serbia - Danube & Golubac Fortress
From Belgrade to the Iron Gate of the Danube by yacht

The Beautiful Danube In Serbia

Discover the beautiful Danube in Serbia thanks to Rick and Mary Munden, two Americans (both are sixty years of age) living their lives on a thirty-one foot sailboat. Last summer they sailed through the Danube river, and they recently posted two blog posts talking about the beautiful Danube in Serbia. Click below to check out the amazing photos. The Danube – Novi Sad to Smederevo and The Danube – Smederevo to Kladovo

The beauty Of Life: Belgrade, Sava And Danube

As regular Serbia’s Ambassador readers are surely aware, UK based photographer Ian Furniss has been writing a series of posts here about Belgrade. If you haven’t read the series of posts, you can find them here:

- What Is Beautiful?
- A Day In The Life Of Belgrade
- My Name Is Skadarlija… Or Skadarska
- Why I love Belgrade Fortress Kalemegdan

Whether or not you’ve read those posts, you should absolutely watch/read the last blog post of Ian Furniss, where he talks about the beauty of life, and the Sava & Danube, lifeblood of Belgrade. Here’s a short excerpt from the post:

“Situated on the confluence of The Sava & Danube rivers and forming the border for Eastern Europe, Belgrade has had the equal fortune & misfortune to be right at the centre of just about every piece of important European history you care to remember. ‘Misfortune’ because nobody wants to be in a war, ‘fortune’, because in the same way that all those different flavours danced around my mouth as a child, a history of culture, beauty, and diversity, all dance around in the soul of Belgrade. It’s a beautiful city and the Sava & Danube are at the heart of that beauty.”