Bongo Kanny a.k.a. Aaron Kedar

Reggae Singer Bongo Kanny Loves Serbia

Bongo Kanny a.k.a. Aaron Kedar knows a thing or two about singing reggae (quote from his FB page), and is fast gaining recognition and prominence within the Roots Reggae scene. Bongo Kanny who performed at Exit festival 2011 wrote on Twitter that he liked Novi Sad, Serbia’s second largest city after Belgrade, “love you Novi-sad…!!! woow !!!.” He went on to write another tweet about Serbia saying “What The Hell, i Miss Serbia So bad :(

Americans Visiting Serbia: No Vampires Here But Nice Place With Very Nice People

An American couple living in Romania, Bobby and Amanda, went To Exit Festival in Novi Sas earlier this month. They put up a blog post talking about their Serbian experience. It looks likes the American couple has a great time in Serbia:

All in all, Serbia was a very nice place with very nice people. We couldn’t have lucked out more. The transportation system is excellent, prices are low and the town was clean.

Read the whole story of Bobby and Amanda in Serbia over at Vampires and Brown Bears.

Exit festival 2009 – Bars

I have a hard time finding someone who was at Novi Sad Exit festival 2009 and was not absolutely thrilled to be there. A Brit, Greg, is complaining about Exit main stage bars. “The wine came out of giant plastic bottles, the beer came out with a half pint of head, and not particularly cold, and the energy drinks were served up in a warm plastic cup.” Oh yes, forget to mention that Greg is visiting and rating every pub, club and bar in the UK.. and apparently also in Serbia. Main stage bars at Exit festival got only 6/10. “Overall a good stop shop for alcoholic needs at this festival and others would do well to follow suit but then it could do with a better selection for sure – 6/10″. The good side of this story is that Greg found “the layout of no particular queue at any time of the day or night.” Not surprising at all. It is well known that fans at Exit festival are huge water drinker!

Exit Festival 2009 – Comments And Impressions

The Novi Sad Exit Festival 2009 is officially over. A big thank you to all the artists, and of course the audience members who helped make the 2009 festival one of the most successful Exit Festival ever. Want to know what people say about Exit Fest 2009? To sum it up, THEY LOVE IT! (found via Twitter).

Sorry for the lack of tweets been in Serbia at Exit having the time of my life .. Should be back soon Michael Johnston, London. And Exit festival this Sunday was amazing. Thank you Serbia. Surkin, Paris. Back from Exit Festival, in love with Serbia. Juha van ‘t Zelfde, Amsterdam. The last night of Exit was excellent, Prodigy was insane. The Vanguard, New York. All I keep hearing about is how good ‘Exit’ festival has been in Serbia! So i thought I’d locate some music from Exit and download it. Hardeep J, Surrey. Last night in serbia at Exit was amazing. Moby, New York. Just played to 40,000 people in Serbia at Exit festival. This was the festival that brought down milosevic. An honor to play there. Thanks. Sam Sevent. Thank you Serbia and Exit Festival! Fantastic gig, fantastic crowd! AddictiveTV , London. Having an awesome time at EXIT. Back home from EXIT. Everyone should book their tickets to Happy Novi Sad for next year’s fest right now! Craig Goodwin. Back from Novi Sad. Exit was simply delicious. So sad to come back. Sanja Zagorcic. Was in Novi Sad for the first night of Exit. I’ve never seen anything like that before! Trip is great! Steven Anderson. Novi Sad during Exit is the most funniest place on The World! Igor Jandric. Saw Korn on Exit fest in Novi Sad last night. Moshing, jumping and screaming all night. Great experience. Vanja Šmit. Novi sad is lovely. My hotel room is a porn set. Playing in a fortress.. Serbia = sweet. playing at a fortress = double sweet. great crowd. lots of glowsticks. no shoe torpedoes. kelli Scarr.Exit was immense, now in Belgrade and finding it hard to sleep at all. Barge parties tomorrow! Charlotte J-L Routen. Happy to be chilling in Belgrade after a crazy 4 days of Exit festival… Nikolas O Mijich.

See you in 2010?

British In Serbia – Novi Sad Exit Festival

British Ambassador to Serbia, Stephen Wordsworth, put up a blog post about Novi Sad Exit Festival 09. It seems that more and more Brits are coming to Novi Sad, Serbia. “This year, as for the last two years, we are expecting about 9000 Brits to turn up. They arrive in various ways, some by air via Belgrade or Budapest, others by bus, train or car: many will spend four or more nights camping at a special festival camp site. Altogether, some 100,000 people will attend over the whole period of the festival, but visitors from the UK make up the largest single foreign contingent. Many of the guest bands are British too.”

It’s true that several British bands and singers are coming to Novi Sad Exit Festival 09. British rapper Roots Manuva, Buzzcocks, Madness, Manic Street Preachers, the Prodigy, Arctic Monkeys, and British singers Ebony Bones and Lily Allen. Lily Allen is already in Novi Sad searching for Exit from Serbia (found via Twitter). “landed in Serbia, will someone show me to nearest EXIT please?” Within minutes word had spread across the internet through websites such as Twitter, and fans were quick to toast Lily Allen’s good humour. Humour…or not?