Invest in Serbia - Ruma

Invest In Serbia: Invest In Ruma

The municipality of Ruma (60,000 inhabitants) which is located close to Belgrade (50 km) and Novi Sad (35km) has just uploaded to Youtube a new promotional video. It’s a video very well done that shows why investors choose to invest in Ruma, and why more investors should invest in the municipality of Ruma. Great video! It’s the right time to invest in Serbia, and in the municipality of Ruma:


French Company Mecaplast Invest In Serbia

French automotive company Mecaplast, specialized in automotive industry, has opened a new factory in Zrenjanin (east of Belgrade). Over 10 million euro ($13.3 million) have been invested so far in the project, and the factory will employ 120 employees. This factory will produce plastic parts for automobiles mainly intended to the FIAT factory located in Kragujevac (central Serbia).

During the official ceremony of the factory opening, Mr Denio, French Ambassador to Serbia, said that “The opening of the Mecaplast factory in Zrenjanin once again confirmed that Serbia is attractive for foreign investments.”

Yes, it is.

U.S. Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Invest In Serbia

Investing in Serbia is not a bad idea. U.S. Cooper Tire & Rubber Company chose to invest in Serbia for good reasons. U.S. Cooper Tire & Rubber Company announced a grand opening ceremony was held today at its recently acquired tire manufacturing facility in Kruševac, Serbia. Cooper Tire Serbia becomes Kruševac’s second-largest employer, providing tires for the European and Russian markets. At the ceremony, President and CEO Roy Armes said:

Cooper elected to invest in Serbia not only because of its significant economic potential, but also for its quality workforce, geographical advantages and Serbian government support.

Time to invest in Serbia

Dr. John Roncucci of Italian Roncucci & Partners Group ( which operates in Serbia since 2003 as a consultant to international financial institutions and consultant for businesses said:

Serbia is today a stable, democratic country, characterized by fast economic growth. As a result of measures introduced in recent years to create favorable conditions for foreign investment, the presence of international investors in the Serbian economy, has grown steadily. This has also created an environment more conducive to the cooperation with the countries of Old Europe and beyond.

The geographical proximity and the good relations between Serbia and our country, the availability of credit lines, loans and other instruments have also been organized by the Italian institutions, the favorable tax regime and the ongoing cooperation projects, make the country attractive for all those wishing to invest or start business in Serbia or to develop business contacts with local businesses.

Slovenia’s appliance maker Gorenje investing (again) in Serbia

Slovenia’s biggest household appliance maker Gorenje has recently launched its plastic sink plant, and washing machine assembly line in the Serbian town of Zaječar. This is Gorenje’s third manufacturing facility in Serbia.

Gorenje’s other facilities in Serbia include refrigeration appliances plant in Valjevo, water heater plant in Stara Pazova, sales company in Belgrade, and a network of 12 proprietary showrooms. The number of Gorenje employees at all Serbian locations combined is almost 1,200.

Ball Packaging Europe - Zemun - Belgrade - Serbia

Investing In Serbia: A Good Idea

Back in 2008, I wrote about Ball Packaging Europe, the German-based subsidiary of the U.S. Ball Corporation, pointing out that “Ball Packaging Europe has been one of a few foreign investors that really understands how the Serbian investment climate has been changing, and has moved to take advantage of that.”

Ball Packaging Europe is now investing again in Serbia (35 million euro). Ball Packaging Europe added a new can-making line to its existing facility in Belgrade four days ago, doubling its output in Serbia designed for export markets.

Ongoing investment in technology development and production capacity, together with investment in human resources, has laid the foundation for the strong global results achieved by Ball, said John Hayes, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ball Corporation. The factory in Serbia has so far justified our investment. We hope we will continue to do business here successfully into the future.

“The plant in Zemun has previously achieved excellent results and features on the list of the most successful Ball factories in Europe”, said Gerrit Heske, President of Ball Packaging Europe.

I hope other foreign investors will follow the example of Ball Packaging Europe and continue/begin to invest in Serbia.

Oh Look, It’s Time To Invest In Vojvodina, Serbia

Ivica Milaric, a freelance journalist currently living and working in Serbia, put up an interesting blog post over at Experiences Serbia, talking about the investment opportunities in Vojvodina, the northern province of Serbia. He notes that Vojvodina offers excellent possibilities for investments, and argues that Vojvodina should take the lead in its own promotion. Well, it looks like that’s already happening. Vojvodina Investment Promotion – VIP has just uploaded to Youtube its first (and second) video promoting investments in Vojvodina. Watch the Vojvodina Investment Promotion agency videos below:

Don’t you think it’s time to invest in Vojvodina, the northern province of Serbia?