Two sister missionaries attacked in Kosovo

Yesterday marks 14 years since 14 Serb farmers wer…

Yesterday marks 14 years since 14 Serb farmers were ambushed and murdered while working in their fields in the village of Staro Gracko in Kosovo. Did someone was arrested? No. 14 years after this crime committed against Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija not a single person was arrested. And now the EU mission representative Irine Gudeljevic told Beta news agency that the Special Prosecution of Kosovo “recently received new information about the murders,” and that an EULEX prosecutor was “considering them.” It’s a sad joke. The Special Prosecution of Kosovo does not care about Kososo Serbs, and EULEX prosecutor just supports Albanian killers. Sad reality.

Why NATO Bombed Serbia?

Why NATO Bombed Serbia?

Why NATO Bombed Serbia?

I received an email a few days ago from an American man asking “Is it true that there was no Kosovo Albanians genocide in Kosovo before the bombing of your country by my country and NATO?”

Good question. For him and others who don’t know the truth, of course they were no massacres of Albanians or genocide in Kosovo and Metohija before the bombing of Yugoslavia (now Serbia) in 1999. Nato decided to bomb Serbia during 78 days dropping 35,000 cluster bombs, destroying more than 480 schools, 33 hospitals and killing more than 2,500 civilians including 700 innocent Serbian kids just to create a new state.A new state called Kosovo, a tiny parcel of land in one of the most strategic locations in all Europe from a geopolitical standpoint.

US, NATO and EU gain a weak state which they can fully control. US-NATO military control of Kosovo serves several purposes for Washington’s greater geo-strategic agenda. First, it enables greater US control over potential oil and gas pipeline routes into the EU from the Caspian and Middle East as well as control of the multi-billion dollar heroin trade as Kosovo and Albania are major heroin transit routes into Europe. Second, US and NATO gain in Kosovo fake state a military base, Camp Bondsteel, one of the largest US overseas military bases in the world with more than 7,000 troops today for military action to the east and south. Third, the United States, with the dubious assist of EU nations, above all Germany, wanted to carve up the former Yugoslavia into tiny, dependent pseudo states. Divide and rule (or divide and conquer). That’s it.

Well, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen recently held at joint press point with Mr. Hashim Thaci, in Pristina, Kosovo and Metihija. He went on to say:

We will continue to work with local institutions, the European Union, the United Nations, and all the international organizations to help develop a stable, democratic, multi-ethnic and peaceful Kosovo.

Bullshit! NATO, local institutions (read mafia), the European Union, the United Nations, and all the international organizations will continue to work to keep their power on Kosovo fake state to control oil and gas pipeline routes into the EU from the Caspian and Middle East, to control multi-billion dollar heroin trade, and to have a big military base to be able to continue to kill innocent people like Milica Rakić (photo on the top) a 3-year-old baby, who was killed by a NATO bomb on April 17, 1999, in her own home in Belgrade.

Oj Kosovo, Kosovo - Vidovan 2013
Google Map - Serbia Without Vojvodina And Kosovo

Google Map – Serbia Without Vojvodina And Kosovo

Google Map - Serbia Without Vojvodina And Kosovo

Back in October 2011 I asked “Is Google Anti-Serb? It seems that the answer is yes. Looking at Serbia on the Google Analytics webpage, you see a geographical map of Serbia without the autonomous provinces of Vojvodina and Kosovo and Metohija. Scandalous. It looks like that the American company Google is following world powers’ hidden agenda – to destroy the Republic of Serbia.

Google Map Serbia Without Vojvodina And Kosovo

Kosovo je srce Srbije - Kosovo is the heart of Serbia
Serbian Monastery Gracanica In Kosovo and Metohija

Serbian Monastery Gračanica In Kosovo and Metohija

Milan krstić made a fantastic video of Gračanica monastery which is located in the Serb enclave of Gračanica, in Kosovo and Metohija, 10km south-east from Pristina. Serbian Orthodox monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija are the religious and spiritual centers of the Serb orthodoxy, and therefore incredibly important to Serbs in general, and not just to Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija.

What is unique about Gračanica monastery (since 2006 is on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List of Sites in danger) is its location in the area of Kosovo Polje (where the famous Kosovo battle took place in 1389) and it’s stunning architecture: it represents the culmination of the Serbian medieval art of building in the Byzantine tradition.

The monastery is endangered because already a lot of Serbian Monasteries in the Kosovo and Metohija province have been damaged by Albanian terrorists. Well, watch Milan krstić’s video that shows the beauty of Serbian Gračanica monastery:

Kosovska Mitrovica Serbia by Michael Biach

Kosovska Mitrovica (Kosovo and Metohija)

Michael Biach is an Austrian travel and documentary photographer living and working in Vienna, Austria, whose major photographic interest lies in documenting social issues as well as travel photography in general.

Michael Biach was recently in Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, and took some amazing pictures of the city of Kosovska Mitrovica (northern Kosovo). For those who don’t know, since the end of the Kosovo War of 1999 the Serbian city of Kosovska Mitrovica has been divided between an ethnic-Albanian-majority south and an ethnic-Serb-majority north.

Here’s below one photo taken by Michael Biach, but you should go to see all the photos of Kosovska Mitrovica taken by Biach on his blog.

Kosovska Mitrovica by Michael Biach

Kosovo is Serbia - Poland

More People Against Kososo-mafia-US-EU-fake State

Kosovo is Serbia - Poland

Five years have passed since the Albanian provisional government in the occupied Serbian province of Kosovo declared independence. Well, it seems that more people around the world are supporting ‘Kosovo is Serbia’ rather than this Kososo-mafia-US-EU-fake state.

Four days ago, I wrote about French people supporting ‘Kosovo is Serbia.’ Well, hundreds of people demonstrated in Warsaw, Poland, on Friday, February 16, 2013, to show that Kososo is not a country, but that Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija is just an occupied part of Serbia. Kosovo and Metohija was, remains, and will be forever an autonomous province of Serbia. Thanks for your support… in Poland:

Kosovo Albanians Trying to kill Serbian Kids

Kosovo Albanians Trying to kill Serbian Kids

Kosovo Albanians Trying to kill Serbian Kids

Two Serbian kids aged 3 and 9 were wounded in a blast in Kosovo and Metohija when an explosive device was thrown by ‘an unidentified individual’ through the window of a Serbian family living in the mixed quarters of the town of Kosovska Mitrovica which is a home of both Serbs and ethnic Albanians.

This terrorist attack by ‘an unidentified individual’ (read by a Kosovo Albanian) against Serbian kids (a three-year-old Serb and his nine-year-old sister) living in Kosovo and Metohija is just horrible and scandalous. It’s time to stop the ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija.