Graffiti in Valladolid, Spain Kosovo és Sèrbia  (Kosovo is Serbia)
Facebook Serbia

Facebook Recognises Kosovo As Independent State

Facebook Serbia

The world’s largest social network Facebook has listed Kosovo as a country more than five years after the breakaway territory proclaimed independence from Serbia. Prime Minister Hashim Thaci said in a statement that he “was informed (on Monday) by senior Facebook executives… about including Kosovo in the global social network”.

Shame on you Facebook. Kosovo and Metohija is a stolen and occupied Serbian province. Kosovo is not a country, and China, Russia, Spain, India and a majority of the countries of this world has not recognized Kosovo as a country. So, why do you do that? Kosovo is Serbia for ever. We’ll get it back sooner or later.

People from all around the world are supporting 'Kosovo is Serbia'
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Apple Kosovo Is Serbia

Apple: Kosovo Is Serbia

Apple Kosovo Is Serbia

Hayoung Kim, a 23-year-old woman from Seoul, South Korea, living in the United States, is currently visiting Serbia. She was in Pristina, in Kosovo and she was surprised that her iphone says the pictures were taken in Serbia, and not in Kosovo:

Pristina.. Pristina… Pristina… is in Kosovo but my iphone says the pictures were taken in Serbia.

Thank you Apple for not recognizing Kosovo as a country. Kosovo is only an occupied Serbian province.

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Kosovo je Srbija Serbia

Genocide in Kosovo? NO!!

Kosovo je Srbija Serbia

Jeffrey St. Clair, an American writer, put up at Counterpunch an excellent article talking about American lies about Serbian stolen province of Kosovo. Here’s a short excerpt, but read the whole thing titled Kosovo: Where NATO Bombing Only Made the Killing Worse

Where NATO Bombing Only Made the Killing Worse. So, was there serious evidence of a Serbian campaign of Genocide in Kosovo? It’s an important issue, since the NATO powers, fortified by a chorus from the liberal intelligentsia, flourished the charge of genocide as justification for bombing that destroyed much of Serbia’s economy and killed around 2,000 civilians, with elevated death levels predicted for years to come. Whatever horrors they may have been planning, the Serbs were not engaged in genocidal activities in Kosovo before the bombing began. They were fighting a separatist movement, led by the KLA, and behaving with the brutality typical of security forces, though to a degree infinitely more restrained than those backed by the United States in Central America.