Lonely Planet – Belgrade’s Back On Top Of The World

Lonely Planet named Belgrade as one of the cities that has bounced back from “the brink of becoming a no-go destination, turning tumultuous pasts into tourist drawcards.” Yes, Belgrade (Serbia) is ranked by Lonely Planet as one of the world’s top comeback cities:

10. Belgrade, Serbia

Ask anyone across the former Yugoslav nations: Belgrade is where the big night out is. Bombing during the Kosovo War along with one of the world’s worst-ever hyperinflations brought this city to its knees but the music scene survived, booming to make this one of Eastern Europe’s party capitals. Being the cradle of the 1980s Yugoslav New Wave got the ball rolling and Belgrade today is, from rock to rave, a magnet for music-lovers. Being repeatedly razed to the ground also fashioned a riveting cityscape for Belgrade – it’s a potpourri of ancient forts, neoclassic and modernist masterpieces.